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Product Description

The Mini30 trail camera uses a genuine 14MP image sensor, this means it’s capable of much higher resolution images than many of the trail cameras on the market.  Using interpolation technology the camera can capture 30MP images!

Of course, the Mini30 from Ltl Acorn is also capable of recording HD 1080P video footage coupled with crisp, clear audio.  In fact you can set the camera to take a photo first and then record a video clip too if you wish to, or you can just have it set up to record video only or capture photos only – all done very simply using the built in menu system.

Another benefit the Ltl Acorn Mini30 has over it’s competitors is that it’s weatherproof to IP68 rating standard, again this is higher than many trail cameras on the market today.  Ultimately this should mean a longer lasting and more reliable trail camera across all seasons and in all weather conditions.  Throw in it’s tiny size and 128G micro SD card capacity and you really do have a trail camera that’s hard to beat!

External, Detachable LCD Screen

The Mini30 trail camera does not have a built in screen but instead uses a detachable external screen.  This means you can have many cameras and just one screen.  So, you would take the external screen out with you when setting up or checking your trail camera, connect it to the camera and this will allow you to playback any recordings but also to access the menu system and change the set up etc.  The external screen requires no extra power as it will draw this from the camera when connected.

Ltl Acorn Mini30

Mini30 External LCD Screen

Using an external screen makes positioning the camera very easy as you can see exactly what the camera is “looking” at whilst your setting it up.  No need to take images, look at them and keep re-adjusting etc to get that perfect position.

You can purchase the Ltl Acorn Mini30 from us either with or without the LCD screen.  So if you intend to use more than one Mini30 trail camera you will only need one screen, so you can save money by purchasing any extra cameras without the LCD screen.


The Mini30 trail camera is powered by 4 AA rechargeable batteries, these are supplied with the camera free of charge so you don’t have to worry about buying them yourself or which ones to choose.  These are rechargeable batteries so you will need a AA battery charger if you do not already have one.

Infrared / Night Vision

You have the option of choosing between 2 different versions of night vision with the Mini30.  You can opt for the common 940nm frequency infrared which uses “no glow” technology and so it ideal in security or covert surveillance situations.  The 940nm frequency will mean black & white video footage & photos in low light and dark night time conditions.

The other option is the “white light” version.  This version will offer colour video footage and photos day or night regardless of the light conditions.  Remember, the “white light” infrared version is not covert as it uses a “flash” technique similar to that of a normal camera, so for a 10 second video you will effectively have 10 seconds of a torch beam shining out from the camera.

Mini30 Size

The Mini30 is one of the highest performance but smallest trail cameras on the market today.

It measures just 13 x 8 x 5 (cm).

Mini30 Trail Camera

The Mini30 is a very neat & compact trail camera.

Micro SD Card Capacity

The list of reasons why the Mini30 trail camera beats the competition keeps on growing.  It can take max 128G micro SD card allowing the capture of hours of video footage or thousands of images.  A micro SD card is required, the camera cannot record without one.

If you would like to buy a micro SD card from us please see our range by clicking here.


The Mini30 trail camera uses a 130 degree wide angle lens.

Playback Options

The recordings from your Mini30 camera are stored on your micro SD card which pops into the slot under the hatch at the base of the camera.  This means you have various options for viewing what you have recorded.  You can take the external LCD screen with you for checking “in the field” or you can remove the micro SD card and playback on your laptop or desktop computer later if you wish.

Other features..

Time & Date Stamped Video & Photos, Time Lapse, 2 Timers, Menu Language Options, Password Protection, Infrared Brightness Control, Video File Length Adjustable, 1-3 Photo Burst Option, Video Resolution Adjustable, Photo MP Resolution Adjustable, Reset to Default Option, Micro SD Card Format etc.

Uses for a trail camera

I could go on a long time here but to avoid boring you I’ll just talk about the main two reasons that our customers buy trail cameras.  The first one being the obvious one, to monitor and record wildlife.  It can be incredibly good fun and very eye opening to see what animals and birds pass through your garden!  Trail cameras (especially the Ltl Acorn range) are also used in more serious field and research projects to learn more about and help conserve our wildlife.

The second reason is for security surveillance.  Trail cameras are now used all over the UK for monitoring anti social behaviour areas & popular fly tipping locations.  Not to mention residential driveways and parking areas etc where it may be difficult or impractical to runs mains power cables.

A trail camera gives you a totally mobile surveillance unit which can be moved from location to location with ease.


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