Wildlife Camera – Ltl Acorn 6630MC – record wildlife in your garden


Ltl Acorn 66310MC Wildlife Camera with forward facing screen for easy positioning and set up.  Capable of capturing 30MP images and 1080P HD Video with audio whenever motion is detected.  Available with long life 18650 rechargeable batteries to outlast most other trail cameras available, with up to 3 years standby time.  Covert no glow infrared, low glow infrared or white light (for colour night vision) options available.  IP68 weatherproof garden camera with motion activated HD video recording and audio.

Free UK Delivery & 2 Year Warranty.  Please scroll down for further product information.

Wildlife Camera – Ltl Acorn 6630MC – record wildlife in your garden Information

Wildlife Camera Trap - Ltl Acorn 6630MC with 30MP Images & HD Video Recording

The 66310MC is Ltl Acorn's most popular garden wildlife camera and my current favourite too.  Ltl Acorn have continued to listen to customer feedback and have designed this new camera with a built in, forward facing screen for easy set up and positioning.

ltl acorn wildlife camera

It also uses the 18650 style batteries for much longer running time than most other wildife cameras.  The tripod or ground spike connection is now on the rear of the camera so that you can easily view the screen to check positioning after the camera has been fitted to the ground spike.  Just like the 8830MC, it has metal strap mounts on the rear of the camera too, these can be utilised if you want to mount it using the camera strap supplied and make this set up a little stronger and more robust when pulling tight to a tree or post.

It's packed with a 14 mega pixel image sensor, much higher quality than the 5MP sensors that most trail cams use.  This allows for the capture of high quality images and 1080P HD video at 1920x1080 resolution.  You can set the image capure quality at 30MP (using interpolation) or use the true 14MP setting (also available are lower settings of 10MP & 3MP).  Audio recording, a 0.8 second trigger time, IP68 weatherproof rating and time/date stamping are other quality features for this wildlife camera.

As usual with a Ltl Acorn camera, there are 3 recording modes:

  • Camera: takes images only
  • Video: records video only
  • Cam+Video: takes an image first and then records a video clip

What sort of image quality can I expect from this wildlife trail camera?

I think the best way to show you is with a couple of images!  Below you'll see a daytime and a night time image captured in the same location.  The tree felling is the work of a single beaver, you can see the affect on the landscape these amazing creatures can have, and the massive benefits to nature and ecosystems!  Please click on the images to see the fantastic quality in full screen.

best wildlife camera

Daytime quality for the Ltl Acorn 66310 trail camera.

night vision trail camera

Night time image quality from the Ltl Acorn 6630 trail camera.

Battery Requirement - wildlife camera with long battery life...

6 x 18650 button top batteries. These need to be protected, button top cells rated at least 3000mA with at least a 5A instant discharge current capability.  We stock these batteries (and an 18650 battery charger for them) so do not worry if you do not have them.

Using 6 of the 18650 style batteries means that it’s possible to get incredible battery life from this trail camera, even over a year can be possible depending upon how "busy" the camera is, how much night-time recording it's doing and what video clip length you have it set to record etc.  The manufacturer specs this at up to 3 years running time but that would be with the camera almost constantly in low power consumption standby mode I would imagine, which is very unlikely in any real "in the field" application.  However, by using the 18650 batteries, this camera will outlast any other trail camera we've tested that uses standard AA batteries.

You can purchase these batteries with your camera right here on this page without needing to click around the website.  You'll see the option to choose the full bundle in the drop down menus before you can add the product to your basket.  The full bundle also includes a 32G, Class 10, SD Card so you'll have everything you need to start recording the local wildlife!

Please note, these 18650 batteries are rechargeable so you will need a charger for them if you do not already have one.

If you would prefer a version of this camera that uses AA batteries just get in touch as we have these too.

3 Infrared (night vision) versions to choose from...

The Ltl Acorn 6630MC comes in 3 different infrared night vision styles so you can choose the best type to suit your own application.

  • Low Glow Infrared (850nm) – When in operation the infrared leds will give off a very dim red glow and so this may not be the best for covert locations when there is a possibility of theft of your camera.  However, this is the most powerful infrared type and will cover a greater distance than the “no glow” infrared (940nm) mentioned below.  Ideal for use in your garden for capturing great footage of the wildlife passing by and when there is low chance of camera theft.
  • No Glow Infrared (940nm) – Very popular for more covert locations if you want to give your camera the best chance of remaining unnoticed at night.  Infrared strength of these 940nm leds is about 20-30% less than that of the 850nm and so your night vision footage may not be quite so bright.
  • White Light – This is not actually infrared at all and, in fact, acts like a motion sensor security light.  When triggered the light will activate and this will allow the camera to record in full colour even at night.  Allows you to capture some amazing colour images and video at night but is, of course, not at all covert.  Does not seem to worry the animals as, especially in urban areas, they are often very used to night time lighting.  This version could also be used as a deterrent in security surveillance applications.  Ideal for use in your garden for capturing great footage of any wildlife passing through and when there is low chance of camera theft.

Other trail camera equipment available:

  • Ground Spikes: for easy positioning of your camera if a tree or fence post is not available.
  • Security Box: helps to make your camera a little more secure as well we offering a bit of extra shelter against the elements
  • 18650 Rechargeable Batteries: make sure they are button top and regulated with a 3000mA output
  • SD Card: always choose a Class 10 card from a recommended brand such as Sandisk or buy from us (we only stock high quality memory cards)

If you purchase the full bundle, you'll receive the batteries and an SD card with your camera.

Features & Specifications:

  • 14MP BSI CMOS Image Sensor
  • Photo Resolution: 30MP / 14MP / 10MP / 3MP
  • Video Resolution: 1920x1080 / 1280x720 / 640x480
  • H.264 Video Format
  • Audio Recording
  • Video Length Adjustment (up to 1 minute video clips)
  • 60 degrees angle of view lens
  • 6 Super Bright infrared lights (or white light option)
  • 2" Built In forward facing screen (for easy set up & playback)
  • Incredible battery life of up to 3 years (using 6 x 18650 rechargeable batteries)
  • 0.8 seconds trigger time
  • Photo, Video or Photo & Video Recording Modes
  • Two High Accuracy Timers
  • Time & Date Stamped Video & Images
  • 32G SD Card Capacity (recommended to use Sandisk Class 10 SD Cards)
  • Standby Current - approximately 80uA
  • IP68 Weatherproof Rating

Ltl Acorn offer a 2 year warranty on this model.

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