Ltl Acorn 8830-4G Cellular Trail Camera


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The Ltl Acorn 8830-4G is a  cellular trail camera which is capable of sending high quality video and/or images to your email address when triggered by movement/heat change.  It uses 6 x 18650 rechargeable batteries for long running time or many weeks or months in the field.  The Ltl Acorn cellular cameras have the lowest running costs of our entire 4G cellular camera range and come with free UK based customer support.

Free UK Delivery & 1 Year Warranty.  Please scroll down for further product information.

Ltl Acorn 8830-4G Cellular Trail Camera Information

Ltl Acorn 8830-4G Cellular Trail Camera for security or wildlife surveillance.

Not yet available but here are a few features and some early information:

This camera is an advance development of the 6511-4G and will soon become Ltl Acorns flagship camera.
There are some significant improvements and differences which are outlined below:
Battery:  6 x 18650 batteries. These need to be button top cells rated at least 3000 mAH with at least a 5A instant discharge current capability.
The camera has a standby current of about 90 to 100 microamps.
Maximum current when working at night is still no more than 500 milliamps but I'm recommending the minimums above as a good safety margin.
Unlike the 6511-4G cameras this camera does not use AA batteries.
SD Card:  This needs to be an SDXC V30 Class 10 with a minimum speed of 100 MB/S.
If the card is too slow the camera will tell you with a message on the screen in test mode.
SIM Card:  This will need to be from a network operator providing a service in the country the camera is being used in, unless you have your own specialist network.  For UK use, the 1pMobile PAYG SIM cards are recommended - they use the EE network and offer great value for money.
8MP sensor (rather than the 5MP sensor of many other trail cameras).
120° wide angle lens.
4K 30fps video.with the menu option of 2K.
8MP image default with 4MP option. The larger sizes available in the menu are by interpolation.


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