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The Ltl Acorn 8830-4G is a 4G cellular trail camera which is capable of recording and sending high quality HD video and images to your email address when triggered by movement.  It uses 6 x 18650 rechargeable batteries for long running time of many weeks or months.  The Ltl Acorn cellular cameras have the lowest running costs of our entire 4G cellular camera range and come with free UK based customer support.

Free UK Delivery & 1 Year Warranty.  Please scroll down for further product information.

4G Cellular Trail Camera – Ltl Acorn 8830-4G Information

4G Cellular Trail Camera with 4K Video Recording

Ltl Acorn 8830-4G is a 4G Cellular Trail Camera designed and built for security or wildlife video & audio surveillance.  It is capable of recording high quality still images and HD video when triggered by heat change within the sensor range.  This means that anything new that enters the camera view, that has a different temperature to the ambient air temperature, will trigger the camera to record.  It could be a human, animal or vehicle.  This is how all trail cameras operate.

Motion activated recording

Sensor range is up to about 20m but this will always depend upon the size of the subject entering the area.  For example, a vehicle at 20m will almost certainly trigger a trail camera to start recording but a hedgehog or bird 20m from the camera will probably not be a large enough heat signature to trigger a recording.

4K Video and 20MP high quality images

The 8830-4G cellular trail cam can record in 4K (3840x2160) video and up to 20MP images, it uses an 8MP image sensor.  It has a manufacturer spec trigger speed of 0.4 seconds and a 120 degree wide angle lens.  As with all trail cameras, the 8830-4G is built to be used outside and can withstand the elements.  It's weatherproof rating is IP68.

4G Cellular Camera Technology

4g trail camera

The big benefit of a cellular trail camera is that not only will it record images or video when triggered but it can also be set up to also send those images or video to your email address.. The 4G cellular capability of this Ltl Acorn 8830 camera means that the images/video recorded can then almost instantly be sent to your email address.  It uses the 4G phone network to do this so that you can see what is happening within a minute or two of it actually taking place.  The recorded video footage and images will still be stored on the SD card even if they have also been transmitted to your email.


UK cellular camera set up help and support..

For many, buying, setting up and using a cellular trail camera may seem a bit daunting.  We try to take that worry out of the equation with a UK Ltl Acorn cellular camera specialist on hand to help talk you through set up and any questions you may have.

Battery Requirement - long battery life

ltl acorn 4G cellular camera

6 x 18650 button top batteries. These need to be button top cells rated at least 3000mA with at least a 5A instant discharge current capability.  We stock these batteries (and a charger for them) so do not worry if you do not have them.



Using 6 of the 18650 style batteries means that it is possible to get incredible battery life from this camera.  Over a year can be possible. Running time will always depend upon how "busy" the camera is.  For example...

  • how "busy" is the camera location
  • how often is the camera recording and sending
  • if recording video, how long have you set each video clip to be
  • is the camera recording video or just images
  • are most recordings during the day or at night

All of the factors above (and probably some other I've forgotten!) will play a part in battery life.

SD Card Required

This needs to be an SDXC V30 Class 10 with a minimum speed of 100 MB/S.  If the card is too slow the camera will tell you with a message on the screen in test mode.  You can use from 16G to 128G SD cards with this camera.

The camera has the standard trail camera feature of being able to either record over your oldest footage when the SD card is full, or you can set it to stop recording when the card is full.

SIM Card Required

This will need to be from a network operator providing a service in the country the camera is being used in, unless you have your own specialist network.  For UK use, the 1pMobile PAYG SIM cards are recommended - they use the EE network and offer great value for money.

Other features of this 4K cellular trail camera...

This 4G cellular trail camera uses an 8MP image sensor (most trail cameras use a 5MP sensor) and offers excellent quality images and video.  It uses a 120 degree angle of view lens and is capable of recording 4K video at 30fps.  There is built in infrared for night vision, its the covert 940nm no glow infrared frequency so it's completely covert.

What else do I need to buy apart from the camera?

As mentioned above, you'll need 6 x 18650 batteries (the spec and style mentioned above).  You'll also need an SD card (again, at the spec mentioned earlier on this page).  You'll also need a SIM card if you want to utilise the cameras cellular function to send images or video to your email address.  For UK use, we recommend 1pMobile PAYG (pay as you go) SIM cards.

You can buy the camera here on this page with the full bundle of accessories.  So you'd get 6 of the correct specification 18650 batteries, an 18650 battery charger and a 64G 100Mbs SD card.  You would still need to get a SIM card though, as this would obviously need to be in your name for PAYG billing purposes etc.

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