Ltl Acorn 6511W 4G LTE Cellular Trail Camera – Wireless Security or Wildlife Camera


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This 4G LTE cellular trail camera from Ltl Acorn uses a combination of 4 x AA and 6 x 18650 batteries for incredible running time and completely cable free operation.  It can send high quality images or video to your email within 1-2 minutes of being triggered by wildlife, human or vehicle activity.  This makes it ideal for use as a wireless security camera or wildlife camera.  The 6511W-4G from Ltl Acorn is our current favourite cellular trail camera due to having the lowest ongoing running costs as well as the best back up and telephone support available from our range.

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Ltl Acorn 6511W 4G LTE Cellular Trail Camera – Wireless Security or Wildlife Camera Information

This 4G LTE cellular trail camera from Ltl Acorn uses a combination of AA and 18650 batteries for incredible running time - better than any we've seen on the market.  It can be set to send high quality images and video to your email address within a minute or so of being triggered (dependent upon network signal strength).  This makes it ideal for use as a security camera or as a wildlife camera.  It has a GPS antenna to obtain the exact co-ordinates of the camera location which can be useful for wildlife surveying and monitoring.  To run alongside the incredibly long battery life that is possible, it can hold up to a 64G SD card which can store thousands of images.

When buying a cellular trail camera and if you're in any way worried about set up and support then look no further than the Ltl Acorn cellular cameras.  Our support man, Ron Bury, can talk you through set up over the telephone (or Skype) and help with any support issues along the way with the Ltl Acorn brand cameras. 

The Ltl Acorn cellular trail cams will save you money in the long term as they have the lowest running costs of our entire cellular camera range - this makes them our current cellular trail camera all round favourites for either security surveillance and wildlife monitoring!

Which SIM Card should I get?

Using the 4G network, the Ltl Acorn 6511W-4G cellular trail camera can send images or video to your email address.  For this you will need a SIM card for your camera.  We highly recommend and use the 1pMobile PAYG SIMs as they are value for money and their website is very easy to use and understand.

What are my ongoing costs likely to be for sending images or video to my email address?

Well, if you use our system for sending images and a 1pMobile PAYG SIM as recommended above then you're looking at costs of about £2.50 per month.  Possibly more if you're sending video.

The Ltl Acorn cellular cameras offer the lowest ongoing running costs of any of the cellular trail camera brands within our range.


This camera requires 4 x AA Panasonic Eneloop Pro 2500mA rechargeable batteries and 6 x 18650 rechargeable batteries.

For the AA batteries we only recommend rechargeables and we only recommend Panasonic Eneloop Pro 2500mA AA.

External LCD Screen

The 6511W-4G cellular trail camera does not have a built in screen but instead uses a detachable external screen which is supplied with your camera.  So, you would take the external screen out with you when setting up or checking your trail camera, connect it to the camera and this will allow you to playback any recordings but also to access the menu system and change the set up etc.  The external screen requires no extra power as it will draw this from the camera when connected.

Customer Support

Full customer support for your cellular Ltl Acorn trail camera is supplied by Ron Bury of  There is no extra charge for this customer support when the camera has been purchased from Pakatak.  Ron will help you set up the camera over the telephone and answer any questions you may have along the way (before and after purchase).  You will not get this level of help and support with any of the other brand cellular cameras, so if you're worried about set up etc then the Ltl Acorn cellular trail cameras are the ones for you!

What else will I need?

You will need batteries (as mentioned earlier on this page), an SD card (64G max) and a SIM card (1p Mobile PAYG recommended) if you want to use the cellular functionality.

Wide Angle Lens

The Ltl Acorn 6511W-4G has a wide angle lens offering an approximate 100 degree field of view.


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