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Ltl Acorn 6310MC/6310WMC Wildlife Trail Camera Trap

Ltl Acorn

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Product Description

This Ltl Acorn 6310 series wildlife cameras offer HD 1080P video recording & audio coupled with the larger (44 led) infrared array, 32G SD card capacity and the ability to hold a maximum of 12 AA batteries.

The Ltl Acorn 6310 cameras can be triggered to record video or take photos only when motion is detected, or you can use the time lapse mode to have the camera take a photo at set intervals (i.e. take a photo once every 60 minutes for example).  The built in Timer feature allows you to instruct the camera to operate only between certain times of day or night or you can just leave the trail camera to record whenever it’s triggered by motion/heat change.

The camera trap uses the 940nm (nanometer) infrared frequency so there is no glow from the leds themselves, making the camera ideal for security surveillance applications as well as wildlife video capture.

It holds a maximum of 12 AA batteries but can run from just 4.  As you would expect, the more batteries you use the longer the running time will be.

Batteries Required:

Batteries are not included but battery choice is vital for the efficiency of your camera, do not choose any batteries with a capacity lower than 2500mA. We currently use and recommend Panasonic Eneloop Pro 2500mA Rechargeables or Vapex Instant 2500mA Low Self Discharge Rechargeable AAs, they both work very well with the Ltl Acorn cameras and are excellent value for money but the Panasonic batteries will run your camera for longer before requiring a recharge.

SD Card Required:

The 6310 series trail cameras require an SD card (not supplied as standard) and can take up to 32G.  Always use SDHC and class 10 cards.

Lens Options:

Available with either the standard or wide angle lens.  The standard lens has an angle of view of 55 degrees and the wide angle offers 100 degrees.  For an idea of which version lens may be best for your application please have a scroll through the product images to see the lens comparison image.

Infrared Brightness Adjustment:

Since January 2018, the Ltl Acorn trail cameras now feature infrared brightness adjustment, this helps if you are trying to record video or take photos of subjects that are close to the camera and allows the user to adjust the night vision power in accordance with their own application – so “white out” problems in dark conditions can be eradicated.

Low Power Consumption (in standby mode):

Another new feature added to the Ltl Acorn cameras in early 2018 is the much reduced standby power consumption, this means that your batteries should last a lot longer than previously and puts Ltl Acorn cameras one step ahead of much of the wildlife camera competition out there!

Other Information & General Maintenance:

Do not leave discharged batteries inside your Ltl Acorn camera for any prolonged length of time.  The batteries will leak and this acid will corrode the circuit board.  Battery leakage is very easy to spot and is not covered under the manufacturer warranty.

Cleaning the on/test/off switch on your trail camera is excellent ongoing maintenance and it’s a very simple procedure, no need to take the camera apart or anything like that.  Click here for how to clean your Ltl Acorn camera switch.

Amazon UK:

Pakatak Ltd will always beat the prices available on Amazon UK for the Ltl Acorn wildlife camera range.  Dealing direct with us also means much faster support and access to help direct from Ltl Acorn themselves should you require it.

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    Prompt service – very good camera.

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Ltl Acorn 6310MC & 6310WMC Features & Specifications:

44 Infrared Leds (940nm frequency)
940nm IR Range – 15m max. (10m max for wide angle lens version)
Motion Sensor Trigger Range – 15m approx.
LCD Screen – 2″
Lens Field of View – 52 degrees (100 degrees on the wide angle lens version – 6310WMC)
5MP Photos (interpolated to 12MP)
Video Resolution – 1440×1080 (15fps), 1280×720 (30fps), 640×480 (30fps)
3 Motion Sensor Sensitivity Level Settings
SD Card Required – 32G max.
Trigger Time – 0.8 seconds (manufacturer spec)
Trigger Interval Setting
Video Length Setting
Record Photos, Video or both
Time Stamp – on/off
Time Lapse Mode (i.e. take a photo once every minute for instance)
Password Protection
Serial Number Setting
SD Recycle – on/off
Requires AA Batteries (4 minimum, 12 maximum)
Weatherproof (IP66)
FCC, CE & ROHS Certificated