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Ltl Acorn 6210MG PLUS Cellular Trail Camera

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Product Description

The 6210MG PLUS & 6210WMG PLUS are upgraded versions of the old 6310MG & 6310WMG trail cameras.  They offer greater weatherproofing for increased durability, larger function buttons and a forward facing drop down LCD screen, making set up and positioning even easier!

This wildlife trail camera from Ltl Acorn basically takes the best features from the 6210 series and 6310 series cameras and combines them to make a more user friendly and longer lasting camera.

This is the cellular version of the Ltl Acorn 6210 PLUS series wildlife trail camera, it uses the 2G network to send images to your email address or mobile phone if you want it to.  It’s available with a standard lens (6210MG PLUS) or a wide angle lens (6210WMG PLUS), the standard lens offers an angle of view of around 55 degrees and the wide angle offers around 100 degrees.  Take a look at the image below (click to enlarge) to get an idea of the different views that the 2 lens options will give you.

Ltl Acorn Lens Comparison

Ltl Acorn Lens Comparison

It offers 1080P video recording, 12MP photos (interpolated from 5MP), has a 44 piece 940nm “no glow” led infrared array for greater night vision range, it also records audio.

SIM Card

The Ltl Acorn cellular cameras can also be set up to send images direct to your mobile phone or email address when triggered – using the 2G mobile phone network.  You will require a SIM card if you wish to use this feature, we recommend and use the 1pMobile PAYG SIMs as they are value for money and their website is very easy to use.  We also recommend using a Gmail email address to receive your images as this is much more cost efficient than sending them to your mobile phone via SMS – you can still access the images via your mobile phone just by going to your email account anyway.

Trail Camera Uses

Not only great for wildlife monitoring & video capture, these trail cameras are often used for security surveillance of anti social or criminal activities in locations where running a mains power cable is problematic.

With the built in infrared for night vision and the IP68 rated weatherproof casing, the 6210MG PLUS trail camera can be used outside for recording video or taking photos day or night whenever motion/heat change is detected in the camera view.

Timers & Timelapse

You can use the built in Timers to set the camera to only trigger/record between certain times of day or use the Timelapse feature to tell the camera to record every X amount of minutes.

Alternatively the default mode is for the camera to just record whenever it senses a new heat signature (movement of a creature or human) within the camera view and this is how the majority of trail camera users would set the trail camera to operate.

Time & Date Stamp

All recorded video and/or images are time & date stamped but you can also turn this feature off in the menu if you wish to.

SD Card & Batteries

The 6210 PLUS series can take up to 32G SD cards (not supplied) and a maximum of 12 AA batteries (requires 4 minimum, not supplied).  Ensure you use genuine branded SDHC, Class 10 cards – please do not buy cheap fakes on Amazon or eBay as they will cause problems for the camera.

Batteries are not included but battery choice is vital for the performance of your camera, do not use Duracell and do not choose any batteries with a capacity lower than 2500mA.  We currently recommend Panasonic Eneloop Pro 2500mA Rechargeable AAs for use with all of the Ltl Acorn Cellular Cameras.

Covert Infrared for Night Vision Recording

The 6210MG PLUS camera uses the covert “no glow” 940nm infrared.   So ideal for human security surveillance and when you want to make the camera as difficult as possible to be seen in dark conditions.

The Infrared Brightness Adjustment feature allows the user to adjust the power of the infrared between 3 different levels.  So if you find that your images are being “whited out” as the infrared is too powerful then you can reduce the strength until you find the right level for your subject area.

With built in recording, on board infrared, motion/heat sensors and AA battery slots the Ltl Acorn cameras require no cables at all and so are ideal for locations without access to mains power.

Standard or Wide Angle Lens

You can choose between the standard or wide angle lens version.  The standard lens offers an angle of view of around 50 degrees and this doubles with the wide angle lens to about 100 degrees.  Take a look at the lens comparison image further up the page and in the product image gallery for a better idea of what each lens could do for your planned trail camera location.


14cm x 8cm x 7cm approximately (without antenna)

Customer Support

Ron Bury of www.ronburyswildlife.com takes care of all Pakatak Ltd’s customer support for the Ltl Acorn cellular models so you can be sure of excellent before and after purchase support.


2 reviews for Ltl Acorn 6210MG PLUS Cellular Trail Camera

  1. Derek (verified owner)

    Quick delivery and excellent help with setting up from Ron Bury of http://www.ronburyswildlife.com

  2. Dick T. (verified owner)

    Having used other Acorn trail cameras, we were impressed with this new model and especially the drop down screen which enables us to check our product without disassembling the camera.

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Ltl Acorn 2G cellular camera set up instructions
when using a 1pMobile SIM Card & a Gmail email address

Insert your 1pMobile SIM card into the SIM card slot in the cameras’ back pack.
The SIM card contacts should be facing away from you and the corner cut out should be in the bottom right.

Insert your SD card (16G max, class 10) into your desktop / laptop computer.

Insert the mini disk supplied with your camera into your desktop / laptop computer.

When the disk loads, select the “PC Setup” file and from the next list select the “Setup” file.

If you see the message “Do you want to allow this app from an unknown publisher to make changes to the device?” – you will need to click Yes.

The setup software will now load and run.

Select your language and camera model from the drop down lists then click “SMTP Setup”.

Please follow the instructions below for the value to enter in each field:

SMTP Mode: Manual
SMTP Status: VGA
Picture No./Day: 0
Country: Other
Operator: Other
SMS Remote Control: OFF

APN: data.uk
Account: user
Password: one2one

SMTP Server: smtp.gmail.com
Port: 465
Sender Email: enter your own gmail email address here
Password: enter your gmail password here

Email 01: enter your own gmail email address here

Select: select the SD card drive from the drop down menu and click OK

Click Generate.

You will see a window stating “ SMTP configuration file has been generated”
Click OK
Click Exit
Click the X to close the setup software window.

Now remove the SD card from your computer and insert it into the SD card slot on the camera.
Insert your camera batteries (must be 2500mA and fully charged) but don’t attach the back pack to the camera just yet.
Move the ON/OFF/TEST switch from OFF to TEST position and watch the screen, a message will very briefly appear saying something like “update smtp.dat successful”.

Press Menu and use the Format option to format the SD card.
Set Interval to 1 Min
Set the clock so that your date and time are correct.
Set MMS Status to VGA

If you do not want to change any other menu settings then press Menu to exit and move the ON/OFF/TEST switch to the OFF position.

Carefully fit the back pack to the main camera body using the side clips and hand tightening screw on the rear to secure it. You can also now add 4 more batteries before you fit the back pack so that your camera will run for longer if required.

Attach the camera antenna, do not over tighten.

Open the drop down base hatch and move the ON/OFF/TEST switch to the ON position.

Image Sensor: 5MP
Angle of View: 55 degrees / 100 degrees
Infrared: 940nm, 18m range for standard lens, 13.5m range for wide angle lens
LCD Screen: 2″
6 Function Buttons
Memory: SD Card Required, 32G max.
Image Size: 12MP (4000×3000), 5MP (2560×1920), 2MP (1600×1200)
Video Resolution: 1440×1080 (15fps), 1280×720 (30fps), 640×480 (30fps)
PIR Sensing Range: 18m max (dependent upon subject temperature to ambient air temperature)
Prep PIR Sensing Angle Range: 100 degrees
Main PIR Sensing Angle Range: 35 degrees
Day/Night Operation
Trigger Time: 0.8 seconds
Video Length: 1-60 seconds set by user
Playback Zoom Function: 1-16x
Time Stamp: on/off set by user
Timer 1: on/off set by user
Timer 2: on/off set by user
Password: on/off / 4 digits set by user
Time Lapse Feature
SD Cycling: on/off
Ingress/Weatherproofing Protection: IP68
Mounting: Strap/Tripod
Operating Temperature: -45 – 70 Celsius
Operating Humidity: 5% – 95%
FCC, CE & ROHS Certificated