Ltl Acorn 5310MG Wildlife Camera Trap

Ltl Acorn

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Product Description

Sends images direct to your phone or email address!

This camera trap is from the Ltl Acorn 5310 series with 1080P video recording (with audio) and 44 infrared leds (for increased night vision range over the 5210 & 6210 series) but this model, 5310MG, also has the ability to send pictures to your mobile phone or email address when triggered (via the 2G mobile phone network).

Customer support for all of our Ltl Acorn cellular models is looked after by Ron Bury of – Ron is the leading technician for the Ltl Acorn cameras in the UK.

Batteries are not included but battery choice is vital for the performance of your camera, do not use Duracell and do not choose any batteries with a capacity lower than 2500mA.  We recommend Panasonic Eneloop Pro 2500mA Rechargeable AAs for use with the Ltl Acorn Cellular Cameras.

The cellular Ltl Acorn cameras have all the features and functions of the standard models but with a built in modem, SIM card slot and an antenna to give the camera to ability to transmit images when triggered by movement/heat change.



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