Ltl Acorn 6310MG / 6310WMG Cellular Trail Camera + Encryption

Ltl Acorn

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Product Description

This is the 2G cellular version of the Ltl Acorn 6310 series wildlife trail camera with Encryption.

Trail Camera with Encryption

This means that should your trail camera or SD card be stolen the thief cannot access the images recorded without having access the decryption software.  Your trail camera will come supplied from Pakatak with built in encryption.  You do not have to do anything to activate this.  All images (not video) captured by the camera and will be encrypted.  These images cannot be viewed on the camera LCD screen or by removing the SD card from the camera and connecting to a computer unless you have the decryption software.


All information and instructions to allow you to view the encrypted images will be supplied with  your trail camera.

Further product description:

It offers 1080P video recording, 12MP photos (interpolated from 5MP), has the larger 44 led infrared array for greater night vision range, it also records audio.

The Ltl Acorn cellular cameras can be set up to send images direct to your mobile phone or email address (sending to your email address is the more cost effective option) when triggered – using the 2G mobile phone network.

Not only great for wildlife monitoring, these cameras are often used for security surveillance of anti social or criminal activities in locations where running a mains power cable is problematic.

With the built in infrared for night vision and the IP66 rated weatherproof casing, the 6310MG/WMG 2G trail camera can be used outside for recording video or shooting photos day or night.

The 6310 series can take up to 32G SD cards and a maximum of 12 AA batteries (requires 4 minimum, not supplied).  An SD card is required and you can buy from us if you need one, here is our range.  A SIM card is also required if you wish to use the cellular functionality and set the camera to send images to your email address.  We recommend (and use for testing) 1pMobile SIM cards.

Batteries are not included but battery choice is vital for the performance of your camera, do not use Duracell and do not choose any batteries with a capacity lower than 2500mA.  We currently recommend Panasonic Eneloop Pro 2500mA Rechargeable AAs for use with all of the Ltl Acorn Cellular Cameras, these are the batteries that we use here for testing the trail cameras.

The 6310MG uses the covert “no glow” 940nm infrared.   So ideal for human surveillance and when you want to make the camera as difficult as possible to be seen in dark conditions.

With built in recording, on board infrared, motion/heat sensors and 12xAA battery slots the Ltl Acorn 6310 series cameras require no cables at all and so are ideal for locations without access to mains power.

You can choose between the standard or wide angle lens version.  The standard lens offers an angle of view of around 50 degrees and this doubles with the wide angle lens to about 100 degrees.  Take a look at the lens comparison image for a better idea of what each lens could do for your planned trail camera location.

Ltl Acorn Cellular Camera Support (before & after purchase):

Ron Bury of takes care of all Pakatak Ltds’ customer support for the Ltl Acorn cellular models so you can be sure of excellent pre and post purchase support.  You can contact Ron on 01456 415726.


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