Lawmate FM20HDWI WiFi Digital Clock Camera

  • 1080P HD Video
  • Motion Detection Recording Mode
  • WiFi & IP Connectivity
  • Audio Recording
  • Infrared for Night Vision
  • Powered from battery or mains

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Product Description

The Lawmate FM20HDWi clock radio spy camera system looks just like any normal clock radio.

The difference is it contains a 1080P HD spy camera complete with high gain microphone and wide angle lens for recording top quality video & audio completely covertly whenever motion is detected, it even has built in infrared for night vision recording!

The standard battery that comes with it lasts for several hours, alternatively, the unit can be plugged into the mains for continuous recording. The beauty of plugging the Lawmate FM20HDWi Digital Clock Camera into the mains is unlimited use and no worries about the battery running out, this option is also ideal as clock radios would normally be plugged in anyway so the cable running to the power socket will not arouse any suspicion.

Supplied with a 16GB micro SD card and compatible with SD cards up to 32GB in size (which holds up to 16 hours of recording).

Comes with all required cables for connecting into TV or monitor for playback or access to the easy to use menu system.

Recording is to the micro SD card so playback can also be done on any PC or laptop.

Setting up the FM20HDWi Digital Clock DVR couldn’t be simpler. Just connect the recorder to a television or monitor using the supplied cable and you can configure the camera to your requirements. Playing the recorded videos can be done in two ways. Either remove the SD card and use a standard SD card reader (connected to a computer) or simply use the supplied USB cable and connect the camera to a computer.

The Lawmate FM20HDWi Clock spy camera system also has motion detection recording mode and of course, being made by Lawmate, is second to none for quality & reliability.



  • Infra-red night vision capture
  • 1/ 2.9” inch CMOS sensor
  • 0.03 Lux sensory sensitivity
  • Recording resolutions, 1080p, 720p & WVGA
  • 2MP photo capability (Jpeg)
  • Continuous or motion-detection recording modes
  • Mains powered system
  • Watermarked time-stamped evidential grade video
  • Free 16GB SD card supplied, up to 32gb SD card supported
  • H.264 .MOV video file format

Wi-Fi Application features:

  • Live view
  • Ability to switch between standard or motion detection recording
  • Start/stop recording
  • Set the time & date / synchronise with your smart device time
  • 1080p/720p/WVGA switch
  • 30 frames per second & 60 frames per second option (not 1080p)
  • Card formatting function
  • SSID visible/hide switch


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