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Product Description

The G10A is a no frills dash camera, perfect for those that want to record the video of their journey but on a budget!

It offers 1080P HD colour video and audio recording.  This in car camera is very easy to use and comes supplied with our own instructions.  Mounting in your vehicle is simple and done in seconds with the suction cup mounting bracket supplied and you can power the camera directly from your car cigarette lighter power port (cigarette lighter power adaptor supplied).

The G10A dash cam has a built in battery too, so when you have switched your vehicle ignition off you can have the camera set to Park Mode or Motion Detection mode.  If it’s then triggered by vibration (for Park Mode) or movement in front of the lens (for Motion Detection mode) it will power up and start recording video.  Very useful when you’re parked up at the supermarket for half an hour.

You can set your recordings to all be time & date stamped and you can also choose to switch audio recording (from inside your car) on or off.

The dash camera has a built in mini LCD screen so that you can see live video, access the menu and watch recordings too.  You can set the G10A to video mode or photo mode, this can be useful at the scene of the accident if you wanted to use the camera to take some photos as evidence to be used later perhaps.

This is a very simple to use, budget dash camera and you can have it set up and in your car in seconds.

Requires a micro SD card (32G max) to record and you can buy one from us with your camera if you want to.  If you already have one that’s fine too, as long as it’s a genuine branded card and class 10 is best.


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