DIY Spy Camera Kit – build your own hidden camera system


DIY spy camera kit.  Everything you need to build your own hidden camera system into any object you choose.  This spy cam system will allow to you record motion activated video with sound.  You can also view on your phone or tablet as the camera is WiFi enabled.

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DIY Spy Camera Kit – build your own hidden camera system Information

Build your own hidden camera with this DIY spy camera kit

This hidden wifi spy camera DIY kit allows you to build your own hidden spy camera into any item you choose.  This DIY covert camera system features WiFi so you can view the live video footage from your camera via your mobile phone or tablet.  The DIY system includes the camera lens, WiFi module & antenna, rechargeable 5000mA battery with mini USB charging port, micro SD card slot and an on/off switch.

All you have to do is charge up the battery (or power the camera system directly via USB or the mains power adaptor supplied), download the free HDSmartIPC app, switch the covert camera system on and decide where you will hide it!

There are many different objects or items that you could turn into a spy camera, providing the kit will fit inside and you can make a hole for the lens to "see out" you're pretty much home and dry!

The system records to micro SD card (not supplied) and maximum capacity of 128G can be used.  Click here to see our range of micro SD cards.

Via the HDSmartIPC app you can set up motion detection recording or start & stop recording manually if you're watching live.  The app also allows you take a snapshot/photo, change the video quality, switch audio on & off, reverse the lens view, set the time & date etc - these are just some of the features available at the touch of your mobile phone or tablet screen.

How long will the battery last in this spy cam?

The 5000mA battery can run the covert spy camera system for around 8-10 hours from a full charge.

Remember you can also power the camera directly via USB or from the main power adaptor supplied for unlimited running time.

How do I charge the battery for the DIY covert camera?

You can charge the battery via any USB port or the mains power adaptor (supplied).

Can I view the footage from the camera whilst the battery is charging?

Yes, you can.  You can also disconnect the battery completely and power the covert camera system via a USB cable or the mains power adaptor if you want to.

Is the WiFi set up easy?

Yes it is and we have written our own step by step guide to help you with this, just click on the Instructions & WiFi Set Up tab above (these instructions will also be supplied in hard copy with the product).

Remember, your camera will need to be within range of your internet router in order for you to be able to see the live video from anywhere you may be.  If it is not within range of a router then it is still possible to view live on your mobile phone via the app but you would need to be within WiFi range of the camera.

Is the app free to install and use?

Yes, the HDSmartIPC app is completely free to install and use on any android or apple mobile phone.

What recording options are available for the DIY spy camera system?

You can set up motion activated recording or manually start and stop the recording yourself.  Alternatively you can set the recording to start and stop at certain times of day.


  • Worldwide WiFi Live Streaming video
  • Motion Detection Video Recording & Alerts
  • Chipset: Hi3518E V200
  • Video Resolution(on APP) : 1920 x 1080
  • Photo Resolution: 1280 x 720
  • Frame: 25fps
  • H.264 compressed format
  • Lens angle: 110 degree
  • Support Micro SD card: up to 128GB
  • Battery: 5000mA
  • Charging time: 8 hours approximately
  • Battery life: up to 8 hours with the 5000mA battery
  • Mobile phone operation system: Android/iOS

This camera does not have any infrared for night vision and it will not "see" in complete darkness.  It does work fairly well in low light conditions but the brighter the camera location the better the video quality will be.


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