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Product Description

Record HD video with audio using our 2 part body worn camera system.  The small camera can be concealed about your person within clothing or even in a bag, whilst the handheld recorder unit could be hidden away inside a pocket or ruck sack with just a single cable connecting the two units.

This body worn camera kit is perfect for covert video & audio surveillance work and favoured by mystery shoppers, undercover journalists, private investigators etc.

The system can be controlled via the function buttons on the recorder or you can use the line control box to switch the kit on & off or start and stop recording.  This means you can switch on and start recording without even touching the recorder unit which may be hidden away inside your pocket or bag, whilst the line control box is a lot less conspicuous.  The recorder has a built in menu interface and LCD screen and so is very simple to set up.

There are many features available to the user via the recorder and menu system, such as altering the focus/zoom of the camera lens view, changing the photo (16MP max) or video resolution and frame rate.  Maximum video resolution is 1080P @ 30pfs but there are also options to choose 720P @ 60fps or 30fps or reduce the video resolution down to 480P @ 30fps if recording time/space is important in your surveillance application.

You can set the time & date via the menu system too and choose whether or not you want the time & date showing on your recorded video footage and photos.

The camera and recorder are powered by a removable 2500mA rechargeable battery which is inside the recording unit.  Depending upon how the system is used, the rechargeable battery can run the kit for approximately 2-3 hours.  The LCD screen shows a battery indicator icon so you will know if/when the battery is getting low.  A mains power adaptor is supplied for charging the battery.

A micro SD card is required (not supplied) for recording and the body worn recorder can take up to 32G capacity.  However many users simply carry more than one micro SD card and then switch them around if recording space is getting low.  You can purchase micro SD cards from us here should you need one.

Our body worn camera kit is an excellent alternative to the very expensive Lawmate kits and comes with TV output cables, USB cable and earphones.  Also supplied is a selection of “overlays” for the camera lens to help when you are trying to hide it away, there are 3 different size buttons and a screw head option in the box.

button body worn camera

Plus, as is standard for equipment bought from Pakatak Ltd, you won’t be left with just the manufacturers instruction booklet as we write our own guide and information sheet too!



3″ LCD Screen

Video Output: NTSC or PAL

Video Mode: NTSC or PAL

Video Resolution: 1080P @ 30fps. 720P @ 30fps or 60fps, 480P @ 30fps

Video Compression Format: H.264

Frequency: 20HZ-20KHz

Output: Stereo

Micro SD Card Compatible (32G max)

Built in Rechargeable Battery: 2500mA

Running Time (when recording): approx. 3 hours

Standby Time: up to 20hrs



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Body Worn Camera Kit
Instructions & Helpful Information by Pakatak Ltd

Charging – Ensure the battery is inside the recorder & connect the mains power adaptor supplied to the recorder. A red light (above the power socket on the recorder) will indicate that the battery is charging, this light will go out when the battery is fully charged. From a completely drained battery a full charge can take around 4-5 hours.

Set Up – Always connect the camera to the recorder before switching the recorder on.
Please ensure you link the camera to the line control box and then to the recorder as per the set up diagram shown on page 3 (English section) of the manufacturers manual – make sure the controller box is the correct way around, i.e. the circular record button is at the camera connection end. This link set up needs to be correct otherwise you will experience problems.

Line Control Box – the line control box allows you to switch the system on & off and start and stop recording without touching the recorder itself. It also allows the system to record audio.
If you connect the camera directly to the recorder without using the line control box then it will not record sound.

Power ON/OFF – hold the power button down for 2-3 seconds to switch the recorder on and do the same to switch it off.

There are 3 red indicator lights just above the power button on the right side of the recorder, as shown on p4 of the English section of the manufacturers manual.
The top light is the camera light, this light will be red when the camera is connected successfully.
The middle light is the video indicator, this will flash when the device is recording video or if there is no micro SD card inserted. It will also flash once if you take a photo.
The bottom light is the power indicator light and will be red when the recorder is switched on.

Buttons to the right of the LCD screen – from top to bottom:
Video Record (start & stop)
Take a Photo
Up Arrow (for using the menu and altering the focus/zoom of the camera view)
Right Arrow – used for confirming menu settings, like an Enter button on your keyboard.
Down Arrow (for using the menu and altering the focus/zoom of the camera view)

Padlock on Screen – if you see the padlock symbol in the left hand corner of the LCD screen, this means that the recorder is in “locked” state and no function buttons will work at this time. Push the power button once and you’ll see the padlock disappear, you can now use all function buttons as normal.

To Access the Menu – a quick push of the power button will take you into the menu interface. You will then use the up & down arrows to navigate and the right arrow to select a menu option and/or to confirm a setting change. Push the power button again to exit the menu.

Auto LCD OFF (menu option) – here you can set how many seconds you would like the LCD screen to remain on without any activity. After this time period (without activity) the LCD screen will switch off – the recorder will continue to record even if the LCD screen is off. A quick press of the power button will switch the screen back on.