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This tiny product is both a covert audio recorder and a live listening device in one.  Perfect for covert audio surveillance around the home or office.  It connects wirelessly to your router and then allows you to listen in live via the free app from anywhere you might be.  On the recording side, there are options to record continuously or using sound activation.  It’s so small you could hide it anywhere!

1 Year Warranty & Free UK Delivery.  Please scroll down for further product information.

Covert Audio Recorder Listening Device Information

Covert audio recorder with live listening in feature

This tiny, covert audio recorder is perfect if you need to record conversations or sounds around the home or workplace covertly.  It needs to be within range of your 2.4GHz broadband router.  You can the access the app and listen to live audio from anywhere you may be.

So it's both a listening device and audio recording device built into a mini casing.  Could be pretty much hidden anywhere.  Leave it on a shelf or table or even tape it to the underside of a chair for example.  As long as you place it within WiFi range of the router then it's ready to go.

There is a continuous recording mode and a sound activated recording mode so you can leave the device in place to do it's thing without having to worry about being around to "press record" at the right time.  You can also check in via the app and listen to live audio from the recorders' location.

Sound activated voice recorder with long battery life...

From a fully charged battery this mini audio recorder offers up to 14 days in standby mode.  More than enough time for even the most covert of audio recording surveillance applications.

Micro SD Card Required...

It can hold up to a 128G micro SD card so that's an incredible amount of storage space for audio files.  It's not supplied with a micro SD card but you can purchase one here if required.

Please use a genuine branded micro SD card and not one bought from Amazon or eBay, these will often create problems for the product and a headache for you!

Listening Device Dimensions...

This audio recorder, listening device really is tiny.  It measures just 54mm x 26mm x 20mm approximately, so tucking it away somewhere will never be an issue.  The image below shows it next to a £1 coin so you can see how small it is.

The benefits of a WiFI listening device over a GSM listening device...

As this audio surveillance device uses WiFI rather than the GSM network, this means there are absolutely zero ongoing costs.  GSM listening devices require a SIM card to connect to the phone network and so some require you to keep a SIM card topped up to operate efficiently.  This recorder connects wirelessly to your local router and you then access via the free app to listen in.

Remember, for the WiFi listening in feature to work, the device must remain within range of the router!

You can even set the app to notfiy you when a sound activated recording is triggered, so you'll get a message on your phone when there is some noise in the audio recorders location.  This is not possible with the vast majority of GSM SIM card based listening devices.

Playing back recorded audio files...

This is nice and simple, you can either take the micro SD card from the recorder and use the micro SD card USB reader supplied with the product.  Connect the reader to your laptop and play back that way.  Or you can go into the app, download recorded files from the micro SD card remotely and then play them back on your phone.

3 different power usage modes for ultra long running time...

  • Continuous Recording:  When the device is connected to the network (i.e. within WiFi range of your router), the user can check the live audio at anytime via the app and the device will record continuouslyto the micro SD card (loop recording)
  • Power Saving Mode A: Standby current 1.6mA/h. When the device is connected to the network, the user can check in and listen to live audio at anytime.  You can also receive notifications from the app when a sound activated reocrding has been triggered.
  • Power Saving Mode B: Standby current 1mA/h When the device is connected to the network, the user can ONLY check the live audio through App within 1 minute of each sound activated recording.  Notifications from the app will let you know when a recording has been triggered.  However, if you don't have WiFi on your phone at this point then the notification could be delayed and you may miss the 1 minute window.

Power Saving Mode A is the recommended option for long battery life and the best level of surveillance, it is also by far the most popular option.


  • Supports up to: 128GB micro SD card
  • Audio file size: 1MB/Min.
  • Audio record range: Around 5 meters
  • Battery :600mA
  • Charging current: 200mA
  • Charging time Around 3~4 hours
  • Power consumption while working:80mA
  • Working time of Continuous recording  mode:Approx. 6-7 hours
  • Standby current – Power saving mode A:1.6mA/h
  • Standby time – Power saving mode A, up to 14 days
  • Standby current – Power saving mode B: 1mA/h
  • Standby time – Power saving mode B, up to 20 days


Easy to understand instructions...

We supply our own instructions with this product so you don't have to rely only on the manufacturers information (although this is supplied too).

If you're looking for another type of covert audio recorder, voice recorder or listening device then we have a full range here.


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