Bolt GPS Tracker

  • 12A Battery for long running time
  • Weatherproof
  • Charged via mains or USB port
  • Magnetic

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Product Description


The Bolt is a weatherproof, magnetic GPS tracker capable of running for months before needing a recharge due the the built in 12A (12000mA) battery.

The tracker is supplied with login access to our main online tracking panel.  Here you can set your trackers’ reporting interval (from every 10 seconds to every 60 minutes).  The tracker will drop into sleep mode when it’s not moving which helps to conserve battery life.

You can also add up to 4 numbers to your contact list.  You then have options to set a motion alert and if the tracker moves a text message would be sent to each of the numbers in the contact list. Ideal if the tracker is deployed on something that should not be moving!

Zones can also be drawn on the map and you can set the system to send a message to any or all of the numbers in your contact list if the tracker enters or leaves one of your set up zones.

These are just a couple of the most popular features of our simple to use tracking panel but there are many more.  You can see your trackers’ history so you know where the tracker has been, when it was there, approximate speeds it was travelling etc.

The main tracking panel also shows the current battery life of your tracker so you know when you might need to retrieve it for charging or when to increase the reporting interval so that less battery power is used.

Track live from any device: laptop, PC, tablet, mobile phone etc…

Not only will you have access to our main tracking panel you can also download our free apps for any apple or android device and track on the move if you wish.

Please note, the main tracking panel has many features – the apps are scaled down versions of the main panel and so not all features and functions are available via the free apps.

Is it weatherproof?

Yes, it’s a weatherproof tracking device.

Is it magnetic?

Yes, it has 3 powerful (25kg pull strength) magnets built in to the hard casing and so can be deployed quickly on any flat metal surface.

How do you charge the battery?

The Bolt GPS Tracker is charged via the mains (adaptor supplied) or a USB port.

How big is the Bolt tracker?

Dimensions for the Bolt GPS tracker are L 144mm / W 58mm / H 45mm (approximately).

What are the ongoing costs?

There are none!  Nothing more to pay for the length of your tracking subscription, you can then choose to renew (or not) once your subscription expires.  No hidden costs or monthly fees to pay.



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