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The bike seat GPS tracker gives you added security if your bike is lost or stolen.  Covert, unobtrusive GPS tracking for your bike.  You can track live on your desktop or laptop computer or use the free tracking app on any mobile phone or tablet.

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Bike Seat GPS Tracker – Bike Tracker Information

This bike seat comes pre-fitted with our bike seat GPS tracker.  This bike tracking device will help you find your bike if you happen to lose it or if it's stolen.  The bike seat tracker has a built in 3000mA rechargeable battery which will run the device for anything from 4 days to 3 weeks dependent upon how often your bike is on the move and your chosen settings such as reporting interval etc.

It comes ready to go with no set up for you to do at all.  It's already linked and configured to our tracking panel and tracking apps so all you have to do is charge the battery.  Couldn't be easier!

View on desktop, laptop, smart phone or tablet

You can access the main tracking panel on your desktop or laptop computer or use the trackserver app on your apple or android mobile phone or tablet.  Your login details and instructions (written by us) are all supplied with your tracker.

Tracking Subscription & No Ongoing Costs

You can buy our GPS trackers with a tracking subscription and this means there is nothing else to pay for the entire length of the subscription that you choose.  No monthly fees, tops ups or direct debits.  Unlimited tracking for the entire length of your subscription, you can then simply choose to renew the subscription or not.

The RF Receiver

You'll be asked if you would like the RF receiver with your bike seat GPS tracker.  This gives you even more accurate tracking, for instance if your bike was stolen and placed in a block of flats or apartment building etc.  So if you choose to buy with the RF receiver then your bike seat tracker will also have an RF transmitter built in.

The RF Receiver is extremely easy to use and does not require any previous radio tracking experience. The range from the RF Receiver to the GPS Bike Seat is around 100 metres. Simply turn the RF Receiver on (whilst your GPS Bike Seat is stationary) and it will indicate both a signal strength and an audio tone. Whilst a standard tracker will be able to track to a block of flats or a certain building, if you also have the RF Receiver unit this will enable you to pinpoint the precise location down to anything from 5m-10m.


GPS tracking RF receiver

RF Receiver - optional with the Bike Seat GPS Tracker


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