A9 Pro Budget Wildlife Trail Camera Trap – 24MP Images & 30fps 1440P Video



The A9 Pro represents amazing value in the wildlife trail camera market.  High quality 30fps video and 24MP images are possible with this robust model.  Perfect for garden wildlife monitoring both day and night.  Built in infrared for night vision and heat sensors to trigger a recording whenever the local wildlife moves into range.  The features, spec and build quality of this trail camera match other cameras priced much, much higher.

1 Year Warranty & Free UK Delivery.  Please scroll down for full product information.

A9 Pro Budget Wildlife Trail Camera Trap – 24MP Images & 30fps 1440P Video Information

The A9 Pro trail camera has an incredible array of features and in terms of "value for money" it's very hard to beat.  Perfect for monitoring the wildlife in your back garden day or night.

It's a modern model with built in 2.4" LCD screen for setting up and playback of recorded images and video.  It's robust and has easy to use function buttons that are quite large in comparison to most trail cameras.  It can record 30fps video (with audio) at 1440P resolution, day or night.  The A9 Pro wildlife camera trap can also capture 24MP images (using interpolation).  It has a 1-5 image burst feature too, often favoured by trail camera enthusiasts.

In terms of the video, the user can set video length from between 1 second and 4 minutes.  Remember the longer the video length you set the faster the batteries will drain and the more empty footage you may have to trawl through.

The 850nm infrared offers good night vision video and photo quality and the infrared beam can cover up to around 20m.  This 20m night vision range falls in line with the PIR heat sensor triggering range which is also around 20m but of course is dependent upon the size of the new heat signature in the camera view.  For example, a human may trigger the camera from 20m away but a hedgehog at 20m probably will not!  Trail cameras use heat sensors rather then motion sensors to try to avoid recording of branches and leaves moving in the breeze for example.

The trail camera carries an IP68 weatherproof rating and so can be left outside in the elements. although any sheltering can always help prolong the life of a trail camera.

Do I need anything else?

The A9 Pro requires 8 x 1.5v batteries to run, we only recommend using Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries with this trail camera.  Other lower quality and less powerful batteries will almost certainly cause problems for the camera (and a headache for you!) and prevent it from working well.  You can buy the recommended batteries with the camera on this product page.

You will also need a micro SD card and the wildlife camera can support anything up to 128G.  If you need one then we stock micro SD cards here.


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