1TB Zip NVR PoE Network Video Recorder



1TB Zip NVR PoE Network Video Recorder Product Information

The Zip Network Video Recorder (NVR) comes with an already fitted 1TB hard disk (larger hard disks available upon request - just ask), so it's ready to use immediately.  It comes in 4, 8, 16 or 32 channel options so is perfect for any home or workplace CCTV system be it large or small.

Zip manufacture the best quality & easiest to set up IP CCTV systems you're likely to find.  The PoE (Power over Ethernet) technology allows your cameras to be powered from the NVR and so means just one cable (patch lead) can be run from each camera back to the recorder and the cameras are powered from the NVR.

Incredibly easy to use and set up as is the case with all of the Zip brand security surveillance equipment.  When you connect a Zip IP PoE security camera to the Zip NVR, the NVR will auto detect it and set it up for you.  True plug & play technology!  There is even a "How to" menu option which acts as an on screen guide if you're not sure about anything you don't always have to open up the manual.

The Zip NVR utilises H265 compression which basically means better images and smaller file sizes which in turn means that the video files can be moved about faster than with the older H.264 technology.  It can record in stunning 4K HD quality and features a UK designed menu system that for ease of use simply cannot be beat!

Does the Zip system have motion detection recording?

Yes, this is built into all Zip IP cameras and they tell the Zip NVR to automatically record upon activation.

Moving video to a USB memory stick for showing to police etc.

You can download video clips to a USB memory stick in "police ready" AVI file format, this means that the files can be viewed on virtually any computer without the need for any specialist software at all.

Can I view the video from my cameras on my mobile phone and is it easy to set up?

Yes to both.  If you want to be able to view the live video footage from your security cameras on your mobile phone that's fine and it couldn't be easier to set up!  You just use your mobile phone to scan the Zip NVRs QR code and you're done!

Recording fps & video quality..

You can set up the Zip NVR to record at a frame rate and quality that suits your requirements but typically it's used at 4MP at 12fps on each camera. The NVR will even record in up to 4K video quality!




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Onvif Version: 2.6
Compression: H.265 / H.264
Network Interface: RJ45/100Mbps for 4CH, RJ45/1000Mbps for 8CH, 16CH & 32CH
Cameras: 4 Max, 8 Max, 16 Max or 32 Max
PoE Cameras: Yes
Recording Resolution: 8MP(4K) / 5MP / 3MP / 2MP (1080P) / 1.3MP (960P) / 1MP (720P)
Recording Bandwidth: 40Mbps for 4CH, 128Mbps for 8CH, 320Mbps for 16CH & 32CH
Video Outputs: 1xHDMI & 1xVGA
Output Resolution: HDMI – 4K (Max) / VGA – 1080P (Max)
Audio Inputs: 1 x Phono
Audio Outputs: 1 x Phono
Alarm Inputs: 4 x Hardwired, 8 x Hardwired, 16 x Hardwired, 32 x Hardwired
Alarm Outputs: 1 x Hardwired for 4CH, 8CH & 16CH. 4 x Hardwired for 32CH
Hard Drive: Fitted with 1TB as standard. 4CH-12TB, 8CH-6TB, 16CH-24TB, 32CH-48TB
eSATA: 4CH – no. 8CH, 16CH & 32CH – 40TB
Communication: RS485/RS232
Power: 48V DC / 1.2A for 4CH & 8CH, 240V AC for 16CH & 32CH
Dimensions: 4CH/8CH – 378x326x50mm, 16CH – 378x336x70mm, 32CH – 440x450x98mm

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