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Our range of Cellular Trail Cameras currently includes 4G Trail Cameras & 2G Trail Cameras which have built in modems and a SIM card slot. They have all of the features and functionality of the standard trail cameras, such as recording video & audio or capturing still images to SD card, but can also send images and/or video to your email address (or a mobile phone app with some models) so you can view instantly on your computer or mobile device.

These 2G and 4G cellular trail cameras can be ideal in wildlife monitoring or security surveillance situations if you need to know that something could be taking place at your trail camera location right away or if you would like to see images without going to the camera site.

We have 2G and 4G trail cameras available.  The 4G cameras can of course send higher quality video/photos, faster than the 2G cellular cameras.

When buying a 2G or 4G Ltl Acorn cellular trail camera from Pakatak you have full, before and after purchase, product support from Ron Bury of www.ronburyswildlife.com.  Ron is the UK leading expert with regards to set up and functionality of the Ltl Acorn brand cellular trail cameras.  This level of personal support is unusual and unlikely to be found with any other brand of cellular trail camera.

When buying a cellular trail camera and if you’re in any way worried about set up and support then look no further than the Ltl Acorn cellular cameras.  Our support man, Ron Bury, can talk you through set up over the telephone (or Skype) and help with any support issues along the way with regards to the Ltl Acorn brand cameras.  The Ltl Acorn 6511-4G has the lowest running costs of our entire 4G cellular camera range – this makes it our current cellular trail camera all round favourite for either security surveillance or wildlife monitoring!

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