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Prime 2 GPS Tracker 2000mA

Prime 2 GPS Tracker 2000mA

Pakatak Ltd have built up some excellent customer reviews for the Prime II GPS Tracker on Amazon UK, here four 5 star reviews of this superb covert GPS tracking device:

“I’m very glad finally I found what I wanted , previously I bought few different GPS trackers just to be honest the cheap ones … but this one is something you need , does exactly what it supposed to do.
About delivery and customer service:
I received it in 2 days ! Really fast and I’m happy about it .
To set it up I had some problems and after contacting Pakatak and spoke to a gentleman (Alan), found it wasn’t the devices problem just had to take it out for few minutes … Alan tried all his best to solve my problem, that’s why felt the need to mention my thanks to him here 🙂
Five star *****”

“I bought this Prime II GPS tracker for my daughter who has cerebral palsy and is confined to a wheelchair. She uses a serious off-road wheelchair which gives her tremendous freedom and is used regularly both on and off public roads, including beaches, hills etc. This tracker gives her and ourselves the confidence that we always know where she is and get ‘alerts’ if she is stationary for long periods etc. The addition of Street View is excellent allowing us to she what she is seeing when on a public road. An excellent, easy to use tracker which has helped to transform her life, giving an element of freedom she previously didn’t have. Thank you.”

“We bought the Prime II GPS Tracker as our mum suffers from Altheimers but she is fit as a flea and likes to walk. We have had to hide it in the lining of her handbag, as if she finds it she puts it on charge. After some initial problems setting it up we opted for the one year tracking package, this gives us peace of mind as we can play with the setting to our hearts content. It seems to send texts to me better than my sister but we have email alerts set up as well and it alway reaches one of us. With mums wandering I used the tracking panel to set up a safe zone around her town where we decided we are happy for her to be and it alerts as soon as she goes out of the polygon area. It works extremely well but if there is more than one person tracking, make sure you communicate. Recent example; sat in the office at work when I got a text alert when not expecting one. So I logged into the panel to see it at the local hospital! Text to sis asking if everything OK and got reply at eye clinic, forgot to say. I’m in Greece at the time of writing this review and I am receiving my alerts just as if I was as home. I must say don’t be afraid to contact the team for support. When I had problems setting up, I left a message and Alan rang me back and sorted it whilst on the phone.”

The item arrived well packaged with a mains charger, USB cable, and instructions. The dimensions of the tracker are 67.8mm x 37mm x 20mm. It weighs in at 58g, so is light enough for any conceivable application. The picture on Amazon shows the front of the device. Here you can see a panic button (the only button on the tracker), and a small display above it. This display shows your battery, GSM and GPS status. On the left side of the device is the mini USB port for charging with the supplied cable. On the right side of the tracker is the slot where the sim card lives.
Upon opening the box, I was pleasantly surprised by the size and weight of the tracker, and how simple it is to carry round with you in a pocket or indeed your hand if need be.

===== TRACKING PANEL =====
To login to the tracking panel, just go to the web address supplied in the instructions, and enter the six digit code found on a sticker stuck to the tracker (this can obviously be removed). You can then for security reasons, if you so wish, change your login details.
Instead of trying to explain every tiny little detail about the tracking panel, I thought it best to instead add an image of it onto Amazon. The supplied instructions are well written and cover pretty much everything you will need to know about the tracking panel. This obviously won’t help if you are pre-purchase however, so I will expand on some of the key features (below in `Features’) whose functions may not be immediately apparent from a quick glance at the image I’ve provided.

===== CREDITS =====
Let me very briefly explain these, as I wasn’t clear on how they worked prior to owning the device. There are two different types of credits- ‘SMS’ credits (aka `command’ credits), and `position’ credits. Your tracker will arrive with 50 position credits and 10 SMS credits. Each time the tracker reports its location, it uses up one position credit. SMS credits are used when either the device sends out a text message to a mobile phone (more on this below in `Features’), or when you (from the tracking panel) send it an instruction. An example of this would be telling the device to change its reporting frequency. Such a command, will use up one SMS credit.
1000 position credits cost £6, and 50 SMS credits cost £10.
There is also an unlimited option for one year. This costs £75 for Amazon customers for the first year, and then £100 for each further year. Depending on how you will use your tracker, this could be extremely good value. Let’s say a taxi firm wanted to track all of their taxis, and purchased one of these devices per car. Focussing on just one of these trackers; if it were set to report its location every 2 mins for the roughly 8hrs/day, 5days/week and a rather conservative 45weeks/year the car is in use. At this rate 54000 position credits would be used annually; if these were purchased in stacks of 1000 each, this would cost £324. In a fleet of ten vehicles, purchasing the unlimited option as opposed to the 1000 credits would save almost £12,000 over a five year period.
I realise this example may not be relevant to a lot of people purchasing this product for private use, but it highlights the fact that if you do buy it, you should at least check out the unlimited option to see which is the most cost effective.

===== FEATURES =====
You can instruct the tracker to report its location every 10secs, 30secs, 60secs, 2mins, 5mins, 10mins, 15mins, 30mins or 60mins. Below are some of the key features.

***Panic alarm***
Simply hold down the button on the device for a couple of seconds, and a panic alarm is sent out (the actual device in-hand remains completely silent). This alert can be seen in the tracking panel and immediately appears front and centre with a siren sounding. You can also elect to have the device send an SMS or email to up to four separate contacts with the alert details. The selected contacts will also receive low battery warnings.
At first glance, the option to choose an icon to represent your device on the map may seem rather arbitrary. For customers just using the one device this is a pleasant feature that you can have a quick play around with to choose your favourite. For companies or indeed individuals who will be tracking multiple devices at once via the tracking panel, this simple feature will play a crucial role in the security and safety of your assets. The options for icons are as follows: aircraft, bikes, cars, vans, trucks & containers, plant (heavy machinery), recreation, people and custom. For each specific icon, there are numerous different colour options. To give an example of how useful this feature would be, you could easily visually keep track of – to name just a few – shipping containers, diggers, helicopters, planes, people and quad bikes; all from one screen without getting overwhelmed with information, as each asset has a picture of itself. Simple and clever.
You can select a certain area on the map and have your tracker text up to three contacts when it leaves or enters said area. This zone can be as small as a house, or as large as a city.
Here you can see exactly where your tracker has pinged its location and all relevant data about each report.
***Motion alert***
If this is set, an alert and SMS (if you so wish), will be sent to warn you that the device has been moved. This can also be set to only come on during certain times of the day. This means that if you leave it in your car, you could have it automatically arm itself between the hours of lets say, 2300 and 0700. This would mean that you’d get a text if the device moved, i.e. if your car got stolen.
A new feature, which wasn’t quite ready for me to test, is the on/off feature. This feature will either be just what you’re looking for, or a handy addition that you will utilise occasionally, all depending on how you intend the device to be used. I imagine a decent amount of private customers will wish to purchase this simply to leave in their car, to track in the event of theft. The new on/off feature allows you to remotely turn the device on/off from the tracking panel. This means that you can leave the device switched off in your car (saving battery life), and then only turn it on when you wish to start tracking. This is a brilliant feature, and one that is currently lacking from other trackers on the market.

===== ACCURACY =====
I’ve been using this tracker on a daily basis for a couple of weeks now and have had no issues with the accuracy of the GPS location provided. The signal can sometimes be lost when inside large buildings or houses, but that is a weakness of any GPS device – try using your sat nav indoors and you’ll soon see what I mean.

===== POSSIBLE USES =====
The uses for this tracker are only limited by your imagination. I will list some to give you an idea of how people world wide are already using it… taxi firms, private investigators, haulage companies, cargo shipments, heavy plant & machinery, personal vehicles, pets, loved ones, marathon runners and cycling events.

===== EXTRAS =====
– A weather proof pouch is available to purchase for this item. Inside the pouch is an extremely strong magnet that attaches to the exterior of cars, or anything metallic. I have tested this pouch, and the magnet really is strong enough to hold the device onto the underside of a car!
– If you’re still not sure about making this purchase, know that you can hire these devices from the seller’s website at a rate of £6 per day.

===== CONCLUSION =====
The Prime II GPS Tracker is a great device; small and light enough to hide just about anywhere. It claims to do a job, and does it marvelously. With the addition of all of the features and extras listed above, it’s a cracking bit of kit that is suitable for a wide-ranging multitude of tasks. It is also worth mentioning that the company who makes these is continually taking in comments and ideas from customers and are on a constant cycle of improvement of both hardware and software. It is an ever-evolving device…

Over the past month or two I’ve had a fair amount of contact with Pakatak, and have nothing but praise for their customer service, communication and general helpful attitude. This means that top rate post-purchase assistance is always on tap.
If you have any comments or questions please feel free to leave them below, and I’ll be happy to help.

Would I recommend this product to a friend? Yes, without hesitation

+ Small
+ Lightweight
+ Tracking panel
+ Cheap credits
+ Panic alarm
+ Multiple icons
+ Motion alert
+ Accuracy

– None”

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