Ltl Acorn Wildlife Trail Camera Repairs Procedure

The information below relates to Ltl Acorn wildlife camera traps purchased from Pakatak Ltd, either directly or via Amazon.  If you purchased your trail camera from another retailer please contact them for information.

In Warranty Repairs

If your camera develops a fault within the first year since purchase then please contact us, via our website contact us form, with your order number, camera model number and serial number.

We will arrange for you to return your trail camera to us and we will repair or replace as quickly as possible.  Usually within 7-14 days.

Out of Warranty Repairs

If your Ltl Acorn camera develops a fault outside the 1 year warranty period then the procedure below applies:

  1.  Contact us via the website contact us form with details of the problem, camera model, serial number and order number.
  2. We will then check the serial number against our records to ensure that it was purchased from or through Pakatak Ltd.
  3. You will be asked to return the camera to us.
  4. If we are unable to fix the problem it can be (at your request) sent back to the manufacturer for repair – batches are usually sent to Ltl Acorn on a quarterly basis.
  5. Ltl Acorn will then notify us of any repair costs (unlikely to be any lower than £35+VAT for standard cameras or £75+VAT for cellular cameras).  These prices include shipping back to you if the repair is successful.
  6. We will contact you with these costs and you can then decide whether you would like to go ahead with the repair or not.
  7. If you choose to go ahead we will send you a link to make the payment online.
  8. Once payment is received we will instruct Ltl Acorn to carry out the repair.
  9. Ltl Acorn will ship the repaired trail camera back to us with our next bulk shipment order.
  10. Once we have the camera back here at Pakatak, we’ll test it to ensure it’s working well and then send it back out to you.

Please note, this entire process can take anything from 2-5 months.  Out of warranty repairs are not likely to come in at any lower than £35+VAT (£42 inc VAT) for standard cameras or £75+VAT (£90 inc VAT) for cellular cameras and repaired units come with a new 30 day warranty.