Ltl Acorn Wildlife Cameras – low power consumption

Ltl Acorn have been busy adding new features and improving components on their range of wildlife cameras over the last 3-6 months.  The latest being the new low power consumption in standby mode.

Ltl Acorn are claiming that it will mean that one of their wildlife cameras with 12 x 2500mA AA batteries (preferably Panasonic Eneloop Pro 2500mA AA) could last up to 2 years out in the field.

We have mentioned the new infrared brightness adjustment feature in previous posts and this have proven to be very popular with Ltl Acorns loyal customer base.

The manufacturer will continue to research and improve their wildlife camera traps going forwards, with a new and more stable ON/OFF/TEST switch likely to be their next move.

To give you an idea of the quality of wildlife shots you can capture with the Ltl Acorn cameras, here are some that were recently posted on…..enjoy!

ltl acorn wildlife camera