Ltl Acorn Trail Camera with Encryption

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Ltl Acorn have extended their range of trail cameras with encryption.

We have been asked about this many times over the last 12 months as many local councils, that use the trail cameras for security surveillance in fly tipping and anti social behaviour hot spots, require a feature which means that if the trail camera is stolen the thief would be unable to view the images stored on the SD card.

Ltl Acorn had developed this encryption feature for the 6310MG and 6310WMG 2G cellular trail cameras initially and have now added encrypted versions of the 6210MC PLUS and 6210WMC PLUS standard camera models.

The 6310MG+E and 6310WMG+E are the cellular version cameras and are set up to send an image to the users email address when triggered by movement & heat change within the camera view.  This image will still be sent as usual and the recipient will still be able to view it but the image is still stored on the SD card inside the camera.  It’s this image that will be encrypted so if the camera or SD card is stolen, the recorded images will not be able to be viewed unless the thief has the decryption software.

The standard non cellular wildlife camera models 6210MC PLUS and 6210WMC PLUS are now available with encryption too, so if having the images sent to your email address is not something you require then you can save yourself a lot of money by opting for the standard versions and they will still prevent a thief being able to view the images recorded on the SD card.

Ltl Acorn 6310WMC Camera

Ltl Acorn 6310 Series Trail Camera – available with or without encryption.

Ltl Acorn plan to roll this encryption feature out with their 3G trail camera models too in the near future, so watch this blog post for updates on that too..

For our full range of trail cameras with encryption please click here.

It’s also worth noting that at the moment the encryption is for images only, not video.




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