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UK distributor for Ltl Acorn wildlife cameras

Pakatak Ltd are very proud to be the largest UK distributor of the Ltl Acorn wildlife cameras and accessories.  We are also the only UK distributor that buys direct from Ltl Acorn themselves and so have an excellent direct partnership with the manufacturer and have done so for many years.  We speak with Ltl Acorn on an almost daily basis about customer feedback, new ideas and possible improvements.

Our buying power allows us to deal direct with the manufacturer of this fantastic range of wildlife trail cameras and so we can not only offer some great retail prices but also some very competitive trade & quantity prices too.

Ltl Acorn Price Promise – we will beat any price you see on Amazon UK or eBay!

We will beat any genuine UK retailer price for a like for like, brand new, Ltl Acorn Trail Camera, including any price you see on Amazon or eBay and we offer FREE UK delivery!!  Click here our range of Ltl Acorn trail cameras and you you find a better price then just let us know!

Wildlife Camera – Ltl Acorn 5210A

The Ltl Acorn range of cameras & accessories..

The Ltl Acorn wildlife camera range includes the ever popular 5210 series plus the 5310, 6210, 5610, 6310 series cameras.  Pakatak Ltd stock both the standard and wide angle lens versions of most Ltl Acorn models and also all of the cellular models which are capable of sending photos and video to your email address or mobile phone.  Of the cellular models there currently are 2G and 3G options with 4G due to land towards the middle of 2019 too – of course, the 3G versions can send higher quality video and pictures much faster than the 2G cameras.

The security boxes and solar panels are excellent accessories for the Ltl Acorn cameras too and we are pleased to say that here at Pakatak Ltd we stock the entire Ltl Acorn range plus a whole bunch of spare parts should you ever need them.  Our blog also has easy set up guides, hints & tips & maintenance for all of the wildlife trail cameras in the range.  We even have information, instructions and set up guides in various languages including English (of course), German, Italian, Spanish and French.

Ltl Acorn Trail Camera Security Box

Refurbished Ltl Acorn trail cameras..

From time to time we even have refurbished Ltl Acorn trail cameras available at heavily discounted prices.  These are often wildlife trail cameras that originally had some sort of fault but have now been repaired by the manufacturer (back at the Ltl Acorn factory) and are ready to use again.  We personally test all refurbished camera traps before despatch though, so you do not have to worry!

What’s in the pipeline from Ltl Acorn?

Currently Ltl Acorn are perfecting their 4G wildlife cameras but they are also working on several other new areas.

The next new trail camera off the conveyor belt is likely to be the Mini30.  The Mini30 will have a genuine 14MP image sensor with interpolation techniques used to capture 30MP images, this will be the highest image quality yet in any of the Ltl Acorn camera range.  It is also going to have a “flash” model so that it may be possible to record colour footage and capture colour images in dark conditions, this will be something of a first in the trail camera market if Ltl Acorn pull it off successfully! – UPDATE March 2019 – the Mini30 trail camera is now available at Pakatak.

April 2023 – release of the 8830 series with long battery life and 4K HD video recording.  Not only does this model have really high quality 4K video recording resolution, it also uses 18650 batteries which give it really long battery life too.  It’s possible to have this camera running for over a year in the field, dependant upon settings and how busy it is.

June 2023 – release of the 6630 with a built in forward facing screen for easy set up, something Ltl Acorn customers have been waiting for.  This new model rivals the Browning Recon Force Elite, with it’s excellent image and video quality plus the customer favourite feature of having a forward facing LCD display screen!

30MP HD Wildlife Trail Camera – Ltl Acorn Mini30

Wildlife Trail Cameras with Encryption

Ltl Acorn are also working hard on new encryption software for their camera range, this will mean that if a camera is stolen then the thief will not be able to view the recorded footage or images without the correct decryption software.  Watch this space and the Pakatak website for updates on this new feature!

Update, Jan 2019:  We now have a Ltl Acorn camera with encryption!  This means that even if the camera is stolen the thief will be unable to view the images recorded and stored on the SD card.

These encrypted trail cameras are very popular with local councils for fly tipping and anti social behaviour locations.

The Pakatak blog & Ltl Acorn help, support & information…

The Pakatak blog also has many posts about maintenance of your Ltl Acorn wildlife trail camera, such as cleaning switch contacts and choosing the correct batteries etc.

Our blog also has easy set up guides, hints & tips & maintenance for all of the wildlife trail cameras in the range.  We even have information, instructions and set up guides in various languages including English (of course), German, Italian, Spanish and French.

This information as gradually being ported across the camera product pages on our main website too, so very soon all of this information will be in one place!

Pakatak Ltd – the No.1 online retailer in the UK for the Ltl Acorn range of wildlife, trail, game, hunting and fly tipping camera traps.



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