Ltl Acorn 5310 wildlife camera series

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The Ltl Acorn 5310WMG wildlife trail camera and the 5310 series security box have now been added to our range of Ltl Acorn wildlife cameras and accessories.

The 5310WMG is the cellular version of the 5310 series and so can send pictures via text message or email but the 5310WMG differs from the 5310MG as it has the wide angle lens fitted.  This means an angle of view of around 100 degrees instead of the 52 degrees (approx) of the standard lens version.  This can be useful for some applications but have a look at the wide angle and standard lens comparison images on our website product pages before choosing which one variation to go for.#

The 5310WMG Ltl Acorn cellular camera has now been discontinued in favour of the 6210MC PLUS 2G cellular camera.  However the 2G technology for these cellular trail cameras is gradually becoming thought of as old technology and Ltl Acorn now have a 4G cellular camera which is the 6511-4G model.  The 4G wildlife cameras will of course send higher quality images and video much faster than the older 2G cellular trail cameras.  Being newer cameras they are also improved build quality, design and battery life as Ltl Acorn constantly learn from previous models and take the best parts, ideas and components to develop new ones.

4g cellular trail camera

Ltl Acorn 6511-4G Cellular Trail Camera for Security or Wildlife Surveillance

The 5310 series cameras from Ltl Acorn have increased night vision range with 44 infrared leds built in and can record video at 1080P quality.  As with the wide angle lens, there are certain instances when this extra night vision power can be useful, for instance if your planned camera location is a bit further away from the likely subject area but if you’re going to be filming close up (small mammals for example) then you may find one of the Ltl Acorn cameras with the smaller infrared array may be better (such as the 5210).

Pakatak Ltd are proud to be the largest UK supplier for the Ltl Acorn wildlife camera range and buy direct from the manufacturer – we’re the only UK based company to do so!  Due to our buying power we are able to offer some excellent prices compared to many other UK stockists with no minimum order quantity rules.



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