Ltl Acorn 5210MG / 5310MG / 5310WMG – setting up to send images via email

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The step by step instructions below will take you through the set up of Ltl Acorn cellular wildlife camera models 5210MG, 5310MG and 5310WMG when using a 1pMobile PAYG SIM card and a Gmail email address to receive images taken by the camera via email.

Please note the 5000 series cellular Ltl Acorn trail cameras are no longer available but to see our current range of Ltl Acorn and other brand cellular cameras such as Spypoint and Vosker please just click here.

Vosker V200 Security Trail Camera

5210MG / 5310MG / 5310WMG

Cellular Set Up Instructions when using a 1pMobile SIM Card & a Gmail Email Address

Insert your 1pMobile SIM card into the SIM card slot in the cameras’ back pack.

The SIM card contacts should be facing away from you and the corner cut out should be in the bottom right.

Insert your SD card (16G max, class 10) into your desktop / laptop computer.

Insert the mini disk supplied with your camera into your desktop / laptop computer.

When the disk loads, select the “PC Setup” file and from the next list select the “Setup” file.

If you see the message “Do you want to allow this app from an unknown publisher to make changes to the device?” – you will need to click Yes.

The setup software will now load and run.

Select your language and camera model from the drop down lists then click “SMTP Setup”.

Please follow the instructions below for the value to enter in each field:

SMTP Mode: Manual

SMTP Status: VGA

Picture No./Day: 0

Country: Other

Operator: Other

SMS Remote Control: OFF


Account: user

Password: one2one

SMTP Server:

Port: 465

Sender Email: enter your own gmail email address here

Password: enter your gmail password here

Email 01: enter your own gmail email address here

Select: select the SD card drive from the drop down menu and click OK

Click Generate.

You will see a window stating “ SMTP configuration file has been generated”

Click OK

Click Exit

Click the X to close the setup software window.

Now remove the SD card from your computer and insert it into the SD card slot on the camera.

Insert your camera batteries (must be 2500mA and fully charged) but don’t attach the back pack to the camera just yet.

Move the ON/OFF/TEST switch from OFF to TEST position and watch the screen, a message will very briefly appear saying something like “update smtp.dat successful”.

Press Menu and use the Format option to format the SD card.

Set Interval to 1 Min

Set the clock so that your date and time are correct.

Set MMS Status to VGA

If you do not want to change any other menu settings then press Menu to exit and move the ON/OFF/TEST switch to the OFF position.

Carefully fit the back pack to the main camera body using the side clips and hand tightening screw on the rear to secure it.

Attach the camera antenna, do not over tighten.

Open the drop down base hatch and move the ON/OFF/TEST switch to the ON position.

Please let us know how you get on using these instructions and if there is anything you think needs adding or mentioning we’d be happy to hear.  Thank you, Pakatak Ltd.

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