Ltl Acorn 5210A Wildlife Camera Trap Information & Set Up Guide

Please read all information below (especially the section about batteries & switch cleaning) before reporting any faults or missing items!  

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The information contained in this post is applicable to the Ltl Acorn 5210A model (both 850nm and 940nm infrared array styles).

Ltl Acorn 5210A Box Contents:

5210A Wildlife Camera Trap

Camera Strap

USB Lead

TV Out Cable

Ltl Acorn Manufacturers Instruction Manual

Please note, the USB lead will usually be found in the main compartment of the box along with the camera itself.  The strap and TV Out Cable is found underneath the cardboard insert at one end of the box.



Ltl Acorn 5210A – Quick Start Guide

(Information written by Pakatak Ltd)



  • Open the hatch at the base of the camera & insert an SD Card (16G max) and AA batteries (at least 4).  Please read the section further down on this page for information on which batteries to use – your battery choice is vital to the performance of your camera.
  • Carefully remove back plate from camera body using the clips on each side and hand-tightening screw on the back.
  • Flick the switch on the bottom of your camera to the TEST position.
  • The LCD screen will come on (it will go straight off again if you have not inserted a compatible SD card).
  • Push the MENU button & use the arrow keys to select & change settings. Remember to push the OK button after each setting change to save it.
  • Flick switch to ON position, LCD screen will now switch off & your camera is ready to be deployed.
  • Close bottom hatch & re-fit the back plate before putting the camera in your chosen location.  Remember to close the side clips and tighten the screw on the back of the camera by hand – this screw helps take some of the pressure off of the side clips.


PLAYBACK on Camera:

(You can also connect to PC or TV for playback)

  1. In TEST mode push the Replay/OK button to enter Playback mode.
  2. Use the up & down arrow buttons to scroll through your recordings.
  3. Press the Shot/Right Arrow button to play a video clip.
  4. Press the OK button again to leave Playback mode.


You can push the “menu” button when looking at any particular recording in playback mode and you’ll have the option to delete that file or delete all files on the card.   You can also use the “format” option in the main menu to delete and clear everything from your SD card if you wish to.


 Product Support & Warranty :

For email product support please contact: (English language messages only)


You can also find a wealth of knowledge, information & troubleshooting guides at:


Please note, your 1 year warranty is always with your retailer.  However, here at Pakatak Ltd, we carry & sell Ltl Acorn spare parts and are always happy to test your camera for you if you think it has developed a fault.



 HINTS, TIPS, Do’s & Don’ts!



Batteries are not included but battery choice is vital for the performance of your Ltl Acorn camera, do not choose any batteries with a capacity lower than 2500mA.  

We recommend Vapex Instant 2500mA Low Self Discharge Rechargeable AAs or, even better, Panasonic Eneloop Pro 2500mA Rechargeable AAs which you can purchase directly from us, they work very well with the Ltl Acorn cameras and are excellent value for money too.  We use these batteries every day and so can vouch for their compatibility.

DO NOT use “off the shelf in the supermarket” Alkaline batteries (unless you are sure from the specifications that they are 2500mA or more) as they are unlikely to be powerful enough and so will reduce the performance level of your camera.  

Using batteries that are not powerful enough will often cause a problem with video recording at night time in dark or low light conditions.  So you may find that your camera works perfectly during the day but then only records 1 second videos at night time (even if you have it set to record 10 or 20 second videos) for instance.  This is due to the extra power required to run the infrared array, so the camera triggers to record and starts the recording, it then realises it does not have enough power to run the infrared for any length of time and so shuts down back into standby mode.  This can happen over and over again whenever the camera is triggered, leaving you with lots of very short videos!

Do not use any battery with a mA rating of less than 2500mA.

Power issues can bring about many different and strange glitches and problems with any trail camera so it’s very important to use a battery that outputs enough power before assuming you have a fault with the camera itself.

IMPORTANT – Do not leave batteries inside the camera if you are not using it, this could result in acid leak and ruin the camera – this is not covered under warranty!


SD Card:

Always use genuine branded SD cards, there have been in the past many fake cards on the market (especially being sold on Ebay etc).  Also, always format your SD card using the “format” option in the camera menu, do not format your SD card in your PC for use with the Acorn cameras.


Manual Reset: 

If you think your camera has developed a fault, try a system reset as below:

Remove all batteries & SD Card, bring the camera inside for 24hrs then test again.



The infrared beam is powerful so don’t position the camera too close to any solid objects as your night shots could suffer “white out” issues.


Infrared Cut Filter (situated in front of the lens):

When moving the camera in your hand you may notice the IR cut filter moving in front of the lens, this is perfectly normal.  When the camera is in operation, it will decide if the cut filter is needed automatically depending upon light levels.



If you find that your camera is not responding correctly to the switch position you have selected, for instance the LCD screen does not come on in TEST mode but the camera works fine in ON mode, or if you have the camera in TEST mode but it si working as if in ON mode then it may be that the switch contacts have become dirty.

Please click on the link below and  have a read of the post as this issue is easily solved and may save you the cost of returning a camera:

Cleaning Dirty Switch Contacts

This is something that is worth doing periodically to ensure the best performance and longevity of your Ltl Acorn camera.


Language Set

If your Ltl Acorn 5210A camera has a serial number beginning with 5210, for instance 52106000634, then it will have the option of choosing from 9 different languages.  The options are English, Danish, Dutch, Italian, German, French, Russian, Czech or Finnish.

When you have the camera in TEST mode, push the left arrow key to run through the various language options.



Please let us know by emailing (English language messages only please) if you think of any other useful information that should be added to this guide.  

Thank you!

Pakatak Ltd are the largest UK distributor of the Ltl Acorn range of wildlife trail cameras and deal directly with the manufacturer (we’re the only UK based company to do so!).  To see the full range of cameras please click here.