Lawmate MU10 Spy Camera Mouse

The MU10 is another fantastic covert spy camera from Lawmate, this time built into a wireless computer mouse!

It is capable of recording video in HD 720P quality and has a built in sensor for motion activated recording and a battery that offers 7 days standby time!

The Lawmate Mouse Camera will also record audio and so is perfect for completely covert surveillance in any office environment, or simply site it next to your laptop at home.  The benefit of using a spy camera built into an object like a computer mouse is that nobody will ever suspect that it’s a camera, even if they were to switch on your computer or laptop and try to use it, they would just assume that the wireless mouse was not working properly with no idea that is is actually recording covert video footage!

As with most Lawmate surveillance products it’s supplied with an 8G Micro SD Card but can hold up to 16G.  The higher the capacity card you use the more footage you can fit on the card before it runs out of space.

Pakatak can often offer lower than the RRP for Lawmate equipment so it’s always worth enquiring about price, you may save a few pounds!  Get in touch and give us a try.  We stock a whole range of spy cameras manufactured by Lawmate including a coffee cup camera, TV remote control control camera, a flask camera plus cameras built into clocks, light switches, keyfobs – all with completely hidden lenses for covert surveillance operations.