Infrared brightness adjustment for Ltl Acorn wildlife cameras

Ltl Acorn, in mid October 2017, introduced a new feature to their range of wildlife cameras.  This feature is only relevant to the trail cameras that have the larger infrared array – the 6310, 5610 and 5310 series cameras.

It allows the user to adjust the strength of the infrared between 3 levels; high, medium and low.

This feature will be ideal for close up applications, i.e. when the camera is situated close the the subject area such as wildlife filming of hedgehogs and other small mammals, as it will allow the user to “tone down” the infrared and so help to avoid white out issues which occur when the infrared is too powerful and floods the subject area with too much light.

User can now adjust the infrared on these Ltl Acorn trail cameras and find the best setting for their particular application.

If you’re Ltl Acorn camera has this feature you will find an extra instruction sheet inside the product box mentioning it.  You can also easily just test it on your camera and see if the feature is there or not.  Simply put your camera into TEST mode and then push the down arrow button, on the screen you will see a notification of which infrared brightness level your camera is currently set to (high, medium or low) and then each time you press the down arrow button the level will change.

We think that this is a very useful feature for users of the Ltl Acorn wildlife cameras and something that many other cheap trail cameras do not have.  If you would like to take a look at our full range of Ltl Acorn cameras just click here.