Increased Ltl Acorn Wildlife Camera Range in the UK

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As the UKs largest distributor of the Ltl Acorn range of wildlife trail camera traps and accessories and the only UK company that buy stock direct from Ltl Acorn themselves, we are pleased to announce that we stock the full range of the Ltl Acorn cameras and equipment.  Including the new 3G cameras!

At Pakatak, we have been stocking the popular 5210A and 6210MC Ltl Acorn models for over 6 years but are pleased that in recent years (since 2014) we have the 5310, 5610 and 6310 series as well as the complete range of 2G & 3G cellular models (capable of sending instant photos to your mobile phone or email address).

A range of accessories including the security boxes are available as is the Ltl Acorn Solar Panel for increased running time for your camera trap.

The 5310, 5610 & 6310 series Ltl Acorn cameras have the larger infrared array of 44 leds (whereas the 6210 and 5210 series cameras have 24 leds).

The 5610 series (Ltl Acorn 5610A, 5610WA, 5610MG & 5610WMG) are a follow on from the 5310 Acorns, with the 5610 series the AA battery capacity has been increased by 4 to a maximum of 12 for longer running time but Ltl Acorn have also added a new feature which allows the user to input the GPS coordinates of the camera location.  These GPS coordinates will then be in the properties of any recorded video clip or photo.  This can be important information for wildlife research as it will allow the user to know exactly the location of any particular recording.  Currently (as at June 2017) only the Ltl Acorn 5610 series cameras have this feature built in.

As is usual with the Ltl Acorn cameras, all models can usually be bought with either the standard 850nm (nanometer) infrared which gives off the feint red glow or the covert 940nm infrared which has no glow.  The 850nm infrared will “reach” further but the 940nm can often be better for security purposes or human surveillance etc as it’s more covert and less likely to be spotted.

Pakatak are also now stocking the cellular models from the all Ltl Acorn series including the latest 3G cameras ( as of early 2017).  Ltl Acorn have 4G cameras in development too, so watch this space for updates!  The cellular Ltl Acorn cameras allow you to set the camera to send a picture or video to your email address or mobile phone when triggered, with the 3G cameras doing this much faster than the 2G models and with higher resolution images.

All of the Ltl Acorn cameras are fantastic for wildlife surveillance or covert remote surveillance where the running of power and video cables is not possible.  The trail cameras can be set to take photos or record video in light or dark conditions and are powered by AA batteries – field time of months is possible dependent upon how “busy” the camera location is.



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