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In Car Security Cameras: for covert day & night surveillance of your vehicle whilst it is parked outside your home or workplace

In an era marked by technological advancements in the surveillance industry and increasing concerns about safety & vandalism, in car cameras have become an invaluable asset.  Among the latest innovations in this field are in car CCTV systems and covert car surveillance cameras. My post here aims to highlight the significance of these devices and shed light on the importance of low light capabilities in capturing clear footage through car windows, day or night, without relying on infrared technology.

For as long as I can remember we have had customers asking about putting CCTV cameras or covert security cameras inside their cars to capture video footage around their vehicle whilst it’s parked up outside their home or workplace.  The major problem with this is that in most cases vandalism will take place at night time in low light and dark conditions.  To record video footage at night, standard security cameras use infrared and unfortunately infrared through a window does not work well.  The infrared light reflects back off the glass window and into the camera lens which means you end up with recorded footage of a large, bright circle of reflected light which will obscure everything else in your video footage, making it pretty useless.

In car camera systems offer numerous benefits, such as capturing incidents that occur within or around your vehicle, providing evidence in case of vandalism or other anti social, or criminal, behaviour.  Some customers also like to put stickers or signage in their car or around the location to alert would be vandals that there are surveillance cameras watching!

Key features for the best in car security cameras

  • Long battery life
  • High quality,
  • low light capability
  • Ability to record through windows
  • Cable free (not hardwired)
  • Portability
  • Must not use infrared!
  • HD video
  • Small & covert
  • Motion activated recording
  • Time & date stamped footage

Covert Car Cameras: Discreet and Effective Monitoring

Covert car surveillance cameras are designed to remain inconspicuous while ensuring daytime or overnight surveillance around or inside the vehicle. These devices are particularly beneficial for those who require discreet monitoring or want to maintain privacy while still capturing crucial video evidence or vandalism or other anti social behaviour.  Covert cameras are commonly used by vehicle owners worried about vandalism to their car or van whilst it is parked either at home or at work.

The significance of covert car CCTV cameras lies in their ability to capture real-time footage without drawing attention to themselves. The discreet nature of these cameras enables them to gather crucial evidence without alerting the subjects under surveillance. This ensures the authenticity and reliability of the captured video, which can be essential for investigations and possible legal proceedings.

The Importance of Low-Light Capability in In Car Cameras 

One critical aspect of vehicle security cameras, especially for covert surveillance, is their low-light capability. Traditional surveillance cameras may struggle to capture clear footage in low-light conditions, making it challenging to obtain usable evidence during nighttime or in poorly lit areas. To address this limitation, modern in-car cameras are equipped with advanced low-light technology.

The ability of in car cameras to capture high-quality video in low-light conditions is crucial for multiple reasons.  First and foremost, it ensures that critical incidents occurring during nighttime or in dimly lit environments are captured accurately.  This capability greatly enhances the effectiveness of video cameras by providing clear evidence, even in challenging lighting conditions.

Moreover, low-light capability for car cameras removes the reliance on infrared technology.  While infrared cameras can provide visibility in complete darkness, they will produce washed-out or distorted images when used to capture footage through car windows due to reflection of the infrared back into the camera lens (just like if you try to take a picture through glass with your digital or mobile phone camera flash on).

By having excellent low-light performance, in car systems can capture detailed and sharp footage through car windows, day or night, without the need for infrared illumination. This feature allows for a more accurate representation of events, making it easier to identify vandals or or other incidents.

Positioning In-Car Cameras for Optimal Vandalism Detection

When it comes to deterring and capturing incidents of vandalism, the strategic placement of in car cameras is crucial. By considering the areas that are most susceptible to vandalism and the likely approach paths of potential vandals, you can optimize the effectiveness of your covert surveillance system. Two common locations for positioning in-car cameras are on the dashboard and the parcel shelf, both of which offer distinct advantages.

  1. Dashboard Placement: Placing the in-car camera on the dashboard provides a comprehensive view of the  surrounding areas.  A dashboard-mounted camera can capture the movements and actions of individuals outside the vehicle, allowing for a broader perspective on potential vandalism attempts.

When positioning the camera on the dashboard, it’s essential to consider the field of view. Adjusting the angle of the camera to cover the likely approach path from outside the vehicle is crucial. Aim to position the camera in a way that minimizes blind spots and maximizes coverage around your vehicle.  A wide-angle lens camera can be a real plus for this type of surveillance.

  1. Parcel Shelf Placement: The parcel shelf, located behind the rear seats, offers an alternative placement option for in-car cameras. This position can be particularly effective in capturing incidents that occur near the rear of the vehicle. Vandals often target the back of the car, such as breaking windows, key-ing or tampering with the license plate. By placing the camera on the parcel shelf, you can hopefully capture such acts of vandalism with clarity.

When positioning the camera on the parcel shelf, consider angling it towards the rear window to ensure a clear view of the surrounding area. Adjusting the camera to cover a wide field of view that includes the approach path from behind the vehicle is crucial in this placement. By doing so, you increase the chances of capturing evidence and identifying potential vandals.

Remember, every vehicle and situation may have unique considerations when it comes to camera placement. Assess your specific needs and potential vulnerabilities, and experiment with different positions to find the optimal configuration that maximizes coverage and provides the best chance of capturing incidents of vandalism.

By strategically placing cameras on the dashboard or parcel shelf, bearing in mind the areas you are most concerned with, vandalism and the approach paths of potential vandals, you can significantly enhance your surveillance capabilities and hopefully capture video footage or any criminal activity that does take place.  Having 2 cameras will improve your coverage even further, allowing you to monitor both the front and rear of your vehicle – giving even greater peace of mind that you will capture the required HD video footage.


In car covert cameras, such as in car CCTV systems and covert vehicle cameras, can play a vital role in providing valuable video evidence in various situations. The low-light capability of these cameras is of utmost importance as it ensures clear footage in challenging lighting conditions, eliminating the need for infrared technology.



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