In Car CCTV Cameras – Get Vandals on Film!

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In Car Security Camera for monitoring around your car whilst it’s parked

For as long as I can remember we’ve had customers asking about putting security cameras inside their cars to monitor around the vehicle.  This would involve recording through a window of your car whilst it’s parked up outside your home or workplace.

The major problem with this is that, in most cases, vandalism takes place at night in low light and dark conditions.  Using a camera with buit in infrared to capture night vision video would mean major reflection problems when trying to record through a window.

This problem is now consigned to history!  Please read on!

Night vision relection issues when recording through a window is now a thing of the past!

New in 2023, our Z82 camera system works well recording in low light condtions, through windows, without using infrared technology that would usually cause reflection issues.

parked car security camera

If you have a good idea of the angle of approach that a vandal might take, you can position the camera on your dash, parcel shelf or even wedge it between the seat and headrest to cover the relevant area.  It may be that you need multiple cameras to cover all angles!

Car security camera with motion activated recording and long battery life

Motion activated recording and decent battery life means the Z82 car cam can be left in place overnight, or through the day, to hopefully capture anything untoward taking place.  The video can be time and date stamped if you need to show the police at any point too.

With the Z82 camera able to record low light video through windows, there is no reason why it couldn’t monitor your parking area from inside a window of your home too.  It’s a very portable car security camera and can be used in many different surveillance situations.

Using a portable trail camera to monitor your car is another option

Another effective way of monitoring your car/vehicle is to use security surveillance cameras overlooking your planned parking area.  I understand that it’s not always possible to have a fixed camera in place in this sort of location so a portable security camera might be your best option.  You would need it to be completely wireless and cable free and powered by batteries.  It would also need to have built in motion activated recording, plus infrared for night vision video and image recording.  The type of surveillance camera that ticks all of these boxes would be a trail camera.  Portable, weatherproof, AA battery powered, wireless, on board recording, infrared built in and very, very easy to setup and use.

recon force elite trail camera

Or a fixed wireless camera might suit your location…

If you are able to use a security camera in a fixed position, such as mounted on your building for example, then a wireless security camera would be ideal.  These need to be in range of your broadband router and then you can view live video footage (and recorded video footage) via an app on your smart phone.  They hold long life rechargeable batteries and so are completely wireless and cable free.  They can also be set to record only when motion is detected..  Of course, they are also weatherproof and so perfect for installation outside.  Speaking of installation, it couldn’t be simpler as there are no cables or wiring to worry about.

BC65 Wireless Surveillance Camera

To sum up a little bit, most customers prefer the in car camera option.  This allows completely covert recording through the windows of your car.  There are the other options though, mentioned above, so have a good think about what might work best at your location.



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