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For as long as I can remember we have had customers asking about putting CCTV cameras inside their cars to monitor inside and around the vehicle whilst it’s parked up outside their home or workplace.


In the past the major stumbling block to this is that in 99% of cases the customer wanted a surveillance camera to watch through a window of the car and so allow recording of any vandalism or anti social behaviour that took place outside.  The fact that most vandalism takes place in low light and dark conditions at night time was the real problem.  To cover a dark area your security camera would need built in infrared, that’s fine but point that infrared through a window and your recorded video footage will just be a bright circle of light.  This occurs because the infrared is bouncing back off the window glass and back into the lens, obscuring any decent video footage you may have been able to record.

This problem has now been overcome with our new NiteDevil 0.0014 lux mini CCTV camera.  This security camera will return images in all but pitch black conditions without any infrared.  It’s possible that you may still pick up some reflection from street lamps, lights from houses etc but this will not totally obscure the image in the way that infrared does.  Careful positioning of the security camera will also help you avoid this.

The CCTV camera alone obviously does not complete your in car security camera system though and so we have couple it with a mini digital video recorder that can be set to record only when motion is detected.  The DVR is very small and so whilst the camera has to be in position to cover your chosen subject area, the DVR can be positioned under a seat or anywhere else you decide it covert enough.  Just a single cable is run from the mini surveillance camera to the DVR and your system is complete……almost (read on!)

The second stumbling block to an in car surveillance camera system was that customers wanted an out of the box solution, no messing about connecting up to the cars’ battery for a power source for the CCTV camera and digital video recorder or splitting the power from the vehicles cigarette lighter – all this is hassle that we have taken out of the equation.  We have packaged our in car camera system with two 12v batteries, these batteries are rechargeable and will give more than enough power for the overnight monitoring of your vehicle.

The batteries complete the system, you just have one sitting next to the surveillance camera and the other sitting next to the DVR – job done!



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