Portable Fly Tipping Cameras for Local Councils

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Fly tipping cameras

Our Ltl Acorn, Browning & Bushwhacker trail cameras, which are primarily manufactured for wildlife video and image capture, are now being used, as a low cost option, by local councils up and down the UK in remote locations that have fly tipping or anti social behaviour problem areas.

These fly tipping cameras, as they are now becoming known, are ideal for this sort of covert surveillance.  They are completely portable and so can be moved easily from location to location whenever a problem area crops up plus they are very cost effective too.

Portable & cable free

No mains cables are required as the cameras can operate for days, weeks or even months on end from rechargeable AA batteries and/or solar panels.  100% wireless & cable free.

Built in heat sensors mean that the fly tipping cameras are not recording constantly and will trigger only when a new heat signature (i.e. an object with a different heat signature to the ambient air temperature, such as a human, animal, bird or vehicle) is detected in front of the camera lens.  This heat sensing method works very much like motion sensing but means that every movement of a branch or some leaves moving in the breeze will not trigger a recording and waste battery life and memory card space.  With trail cameras and fly tipping cameras often being deployed in wooded areas or locations with shrubbery this is a very important feature for a camera being used for this sort of purpose.

The user can set the fly tipping camera to either record video footage (with audio recording) or to take an image whenever triggered or a mixture of both (most trail cameras can take a photo and then start recording video a few seconds later).  Trail cameras usually have an image burst feature too which means the camera, when triggered, will take a series of photos one after another.  Some trail cameras can take a series of 3 shots and other can take more.

All recorded images and video footage will be date & times stamp so when reviewing you’ll know exactly when a recorded file was captured by the camera.

Weatherproof fly tipping cameras

The trail cameras are built into weatherproof cases and so can be deployed outside and will be safe from the elements.  The casings have the camouflage effect and so are not easy to spot in any woodland or parkland location.  They are pretty small too so, if deployed well, will avoid being spotted and stolen.

Security boxes are also available for the trail cameras which can help secure them and also add a bit of extra weatherproofing.  We also stock ground spikes for easy placement of a trail camera if you did not want to use the standard supplied mounting strap for mounting on a tree or post.  One of our ground spikes is a fixed height spike and the other is height adjustable so you can position the trail camera at the best height for your environment.

Covert no glow night vision cameras

Built in covert, no glow, infrared means that these fly tipping cameras will record video and take images at night time too, with no flashing lights or anything visible on the camera face to alert passers by.

The cameras also have built in mini LCD screens (although the Ltl Acorn Mini30 trail camera uses an external screen so you can simply carry one screen from camera to camera, if you have multiple cameras, when checking for recordings) so that the user can check instantly what has been recorded when on site.  Unwanted files can then be deleted and the camera set to do it’s thing once again or you can remove the memory card, replace it with a new card and take the original with you to review the footage later via laptop or desktop computer.

The standard trail cameras can be used as “record & check later” fly tipping cameras but there are also cellular trail camera versions that can be set to send an image to your email address or to an app on your mobile phone when triggered, ideal if instant notification is required.  This may then alert you to an incident actually taking place right now (or at least within the last couple of minutes) if that happens to be a requirement.

Trail cameras with encryption

If you’re a local council or authority and you require trail cameras with the ability to encrypt the recorded images then we have those too!

These Ltl Acorn trail cameras with encryption mean that even if the camera or the SD card is stolen the thief will not be able to see the recorded images stored on the SD card without the decryption software.  Perfect for local councils in this age of data protection.

They work in exactly the same way as a normal non-encrypted trail camera but with these encrypted versions your recorded images are safe even if the camera and/or memory card is stolen.



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