Dark winter nights drawing in, CCTV time?

As the cold, dark winter nights draw in many people begin thinking about home security, often adding a CCTV system to bolster home security.

Whether it be adding a home CCTV system, improving and adding to door and window locks, putting up some outdoor lighting, making sure that lock on the back gate is working and, of course, ensuring that you garage or garden shed is secure.

Obviously a great deterent is a home CCTV system covering any vunerable areas of your home, side alleyway to back gate, garden, back door, front door etc are all important areas in which security cameras could help bolster your home security but also adding other deterents such as outside lighting (whether on motion detection or not), perhaps some CCTV in operation warning signs or even some dummy CCTV cameras.

All of this on top of a working and fully functional (and regularly serviced) home alarm system.

How nice would it be if all of these home security measures were not necessary but while this utopia is sadly not realistic at the moment, it’s always a good idea to help make up the burglars mind up – that yours’ is not the place to try to rob!