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With over 15 years of experience in testing, using and selling various different types and models of GPS tracker, we’d like to think that we have built up a decent knowledge of what works, what doesn’t and what features and functions are important to customers.  I’ve tested cheap trackers that you have to send a text message to in order for the tracker to then reply to you with some coordinates, you then had to put the coordinates into piece of mapping software to get the location – not very fast or efficient when you need to know quickly where your vehicle or asset is!  We’ve tested many trackers that, on the face of it, seem decent in their build and design but are linked to poor or slow tracking platforms run on servers on the other side of the world.  Again, this can make for a very poor end user experience.

This extensive knowledge about the products and systems has allowed us to cherry pick only the best tracking devices on the market, using the best tracking platforms and app for a comfortable and easy tracking solution for our customers.  The information below represents some of the knowledge we have built up over many years of working with covert GPS trackers, GPS bike trackers, farm machinery trackers, motorhome trackers and asset trackers.

With the advancement of technology, trackers have become an essential anti-theft and cost effective tool for vehicle and asset security. They are now routinely used on cars, vans, trucks, farm machinery, motorhomes, caravans, shipping containers and for people tracking too.  These devices not only help in tracking the location of the vehicle or asset but also provide various other features such as live tracking, whilst also recording history so that you can check in later and see exactly where the tracker has been, when and where it stopped and for how long etc.

Hard wired trackers require installation (preferably by an expert) but the type of tracking devices that I’ll be mainly concentrating in this article are often known as covert GPS trackers.

Covert GPS trackers are small, portable devices that use the Global Positioning System (GPS) to track the location of a car, person or asset.  They do not need to be hard wired and can be carried around from car to car, or from asset to asset, very easily without any installation necessary.  These trackers can be easily installed in seconds by the end user, are very easy to use and easy to conceal too if that’s a requirement.  There are various names given to GPS trackers available on the market, including covert trackers, car trackers, vehicle trackers, and magnetic trackers. However, they pretty much all have the same sort of components and our trackers at Pakatak are all the above combined!

magnetic gps car tracker

As mentioned above, a covert tracker is a small device that is designed to be discreetly placed on a vehicle or object to track its location in real-time. This type of tracker is often used by businesses or individuals to keep track of their assets, monitor the movements of people or vehicles, and prevent (or act as a deterrent to) theft or loss. The main components and features of a tracker are the GPS receiver, built in power/batteries, built-in magnets, and the ability to track via your computer or mobile phone.  A robust and weatherproof casing is also a vital component of a good quality tracker.

The newest trackers are now moving away from SIM card usage and onto the iOT network, this should give increased coverage and connectivity across the globe – essential for live tracking and longer battery life.

Battery Life

One of the most important components of a covert GPS tracker is its battery life. The battery life of a tracker determines how long it can operate on a single charge, or from a single set of batteries, and how frequently it can transmit location data. Most trackers are designed to last anywhere from a few days to several weeks before you need to recharge or change the batteries but the latest trackers that we have been testing can often last months before needing intervention by the user.  This will of course depend on the quality of the battery and the settings used. Some trackers even have built-in rechargeable batteries that can be charged using a USB cable, making them more convenient and cost-effective to use.  However, trackers that use rechargeable batteries will also need down time for charging.  The latest technology and low power consumption of the GT7 range of trackers means that you can swap out the batteries yourself with no real down time for the tracking device.  You’ll also be notified on the tracking panel or app as to the current estimated battery level, so you know when your device is getting close to low-power and so needs new batteries.

magnetic gps tracker


Built-In Magnets – Magnetic GPS Trackers

Another important feature of a covert tracker is built-in magnets. These magnets allow the tracker to be easily attached to any flat, clean, metal surface, such as a vehicle, piece or farm machinery or a shipping container. This makes it easy to install and remove the tracker without the need for any special tools or equipment. Additionally, the magnets help to keep the tracker in place even during high-speed movement or vibration, ensuring that it continues to always transmit accurate location data.

Tracking via Desktop / Laptop Computer or Smart Phone Tracking App

The ability to follow receive tracking updates via your computer, smart phone or tablet is perhaps the most important feature of all. This feature allows you to view the location of the tracker in real-time, as well as access historical location data and set up alerts for specific events, such as when the tracker enters or leaves a certain area (a feature known as geofence). Most modern trackers come with a companion app that can be installed on your smart phone or tablet, allowing you to easily monitor and manage the tracker from anywhere in the world. This feature is particularly useful for businesses that need to keep track of multiple assets or vehicles, as it allows them to monitor everything from a central location.

In conclusion, a tracker can be an essential tool for anyone who needs to keep track of their assets, monitor the movements of a person or vehicle, or prevent theft or loss. The main components and features of a covert GPS tracker include battery life, built-in magnets, and the ability to track via your computer or smart phone. By understanding these components and features, you can choose the right tracker for your needs and ensure that it provides you with the reliable location data you need to stay informed and in control.

The most popular uses for our magnetic, covert, long life trackers are:

  • Motorbike tracker
  • Van tracker
  • Motorhome tracker
  • Caravan tracker
  • Farm vehicle tracker
  • High value stationary assets (used to alert when movement occurs)
  • Bike tracker


With many years of experience using, testing and selling GPS systems we are regularly asked various but simliar questions and here are some of the most popular…

Is it legal to use GPS devices in the UK?

You are allowed to monitor mileage, current whereabouts, driver behaviour, hours on the road, and the routes used. Almost anything goes if the vehicle is designated for business use.

Personal trackers, or GPS trackers placed on a vehicle, must only be used with consent from the person being tracked or knowledge of the owner of the vehicle.  To track someone without their knowledge could cause distress and fear, so covertly tracking a person could then be deemed an offence under UK law.  You are free to put a GPS device on your own vehicle or asset providing it’s not being used to secretly track another user of that vehicle.

How much does it cost to use a GPS tracker?

This will depend upon where you buy from!  So beware what you are signing up for.

With our trackers here at Pakatak, it’s just the cost of the device itself.  On our website you can buy it with a subscription, you then have free tracking for the length of that subscription.  Your only ongoing cost might be replacement batteries when the existing ones run down, how long they last will depend upon how often the tracker is on the move, but you could be looking at anything between 6 weeks and 3 months.  Some trackers have built in rechargeable batteries, this is great until you need to recharge and then you’ll have a lengthy period of down time waiting for your tracker to charge up again.  Using replaceable batteries means your downtime is just the few seconds it takes to remove the existing batteries and insert new one.

Do GPS trackers have a monthly fee?

Some do and some don’t.  Again, this will depend on where you buy from.  With many systems there are monthly fees and direct debits to think about but not with the trackers we sell here at Pakatak!

Often, you must pay for the GPS device upfront and then you may need to pay the monthly subscription.  Also, some companies may require you to buy things such as tracking credits for your tracker to report in new locations etc.  Always make sure you have a thorough read before you buy!

Is it hard to install a GPS tracker in a car?

All you need to do is locate your vehicle’s battery, connect the wires, and place the tracker in your chosen location under the hood.

If that sounds a bit worrying then don’t fret, our trackers require none of the above installation!  They are ready to go right out of the box and there is no cabling or wiring to do whatsoever!  You can even track from our warehouse to your door if you want to.  This is why covert, wireless trackers are so popular with end users, there’s no installation or setup to be done at all and absolutely no configuration needed for vehicle tracking.

Where is the best place to put a GPS tracker?

  • Glove Box.
  • Centre Console.
  • The lower side of the rear window.
  • Side storage in the trunk.
  • Rear bumper.
  • Door storage of the vehicle.
  • Front bumper.

Can a GPS tracker be detected?

Electronic bug sweepers detect electromagnetic signals that are like those produced by mobile phones and radio transmitters.  If the physical inspection fails to reveal any hidden GPS device, bug sweepers could be used to locate a well-hidden unit.

Using GPS trackers for tracking farm machinery

Covert GPS tracking devices are increasingly being used by farmers to keep track of their equipment, improve efficiency, and to help locate in case of theft.

Farm machinery is an asset, and it can be challenging to keep track of all the equipment used in large farming operations.  Trackers make it easier to locate and monitor the machinery, allowing farmers to ensure they are being used efficiently.  Farmers can track the location of their machinery in real-time, ensuring against misuse and as a quick alert if a tracker or combined harvester etc has moved away from where it should be!

With the high cost of farm machinery, it’s also essential to have a reliable way to track and hopefully recover any stolen equipment.  Farm machinery trackers can provide farmers with an added layer of security, allowing them to locate stolen machinery quickly and efficiently.

A small tracker on a tractor for example can also help farmers to save money on maintenance and repairs. By tracking the usage of their machinery, farmers can identify any issues early on, allowing them to address them before they become more serious and costly.

Overall, GPS devices can be an important tool for farmers, helping them to monitor and protect their valuable assets.  As technology continues to advance, we can expect to see even more innovative uses for GPS trackers in the agriculture industry.

GPS tracking for your caravan or motorhome?

Another question we are often asked in relation to our GPS tracking devices is if they can be used for tracking motorhomes and caravans.  Yes, they can and are ideal for this as motorhomes and caravans tend to be on the move less than everyday vehicles and so a trackers battery can last a very long time on this sort of asset.

One of the primary reasons why people invest in tracking systems for their motorhomes and caravans is for piece or mind.  These vehicles are often expensive and contain valuable possessions but are often parked away from the family home, making them attractive targets for thieves.  Trackers provide owners with real-time location data, allowing them to quickly locate their vehicle in the event of theft.

GPS trackers can also help to improve safety while on the road.  Owners can use these devices to monitor the speed and location of their vehicle, ensuring that it is being driven safely and responsibly.  In the event of an accident or breakdown, motorhome trackers can also provide valuable information to emergency services, allowing them to respond quickly and effectively.

GPS trackers can provide owners with greater peace of mind.  Knowing that their vehicle is being monitored and tracked can help to alleviate worries about theft or other issues, allowing owners to relax and enjoy their time on the road.

Overall, the best GPS trackers can be a worthwhile investment for anyone who owns a motorhome or caravan.  They provide enhanced security, improved safety, and peace of mind.



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