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Using a GPS tracker for peace of mind if you suspect a partner of cheating

Are you worried that your partner may be cheating? 

Wondering if they really are at work or the gym when they say they are? 

Would you like to put your mind at rest one way or the other?

If you answer yes to any of the questions above then maybe a covert GPS tracker could help.  Hiring a private investigator is another option but can be very expensive.  Following your spouse or partner yourself may not be possible as you may have to look after the kids, go to work or you may only have one car and so would not be able to follow.

Low cost GPS trackers

It’s often the case that we assume a GPS tracker will be expensive and come with ongoing costs etc.  The PAK17 model puts those fears to bed at under £100.  It’s our low cost magnetic GPS tracker and it comes with a 1 month unlimited tracking subscription included.  So if you only need it for a short time this may be the tracking device for you.  Of course, if you want to renew the subscription at the end of the free month, you can do that quickly and easily with us.  Just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean it’s low quality, I would not stock it if it was!  You can still track live using your phone, tablet or computer and it has long battery life of up to 60 days in standby too.

Covert GPS trackers can be small, lightweight and unobtrusive

However you could let a GPS tracker do the work for you.  Our GPS trackers are small, light and covert.  They are powered by built in long life batteries and so are completely wireless.  They do not require any installation at all and can be up and running in seconds.  Depending upon which tracker you choose it could run for weeks or even months before you would need to get to it to replace batteries and you can see how much power it has via the free app and tracking website by simply looking at the battery indicator.

covert GPS tracker

G7 GPS Tracker with 6700mA Built in Rechargeable Battery and Weatherproof, Magnetic Hard Case







You can even ask the tracker to send you a message if it leaves or enters a certain area on the map.  Our trackers have many features but are unbelievably simple to use.

Hide one of our car GPS trackers and watch live on your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer as your vehicle moves across the map or if it’s not possible for you to watch live then you can simply check the tracker route history when you have time and see exactly where the tracker went, where it stopped and for how long etc.

Car trackers with magnets built in

Some of our GPS tracking devices come built into a magnetic weatherproof case and some have the option to purchase a weatherproof magnetic case with them.  So you can choose if you want to “stick” the tracker somewhere on a car or van, or maybe just slip it into a jacket pocket or gym bag if you are confident it will remain unnoticed.

gl300 covert gps tracker

Prime GPS – real time tracker






Here’s the deal breaker and the thing that sets our GPS trackers apart from many our competitors – once you have purchased the tracker there is nothing more to pay, no monthly costs or tops ups and you can use the tracker as much as you like and in any country of the world!  Your tracker will come with a 1 month, 3 month, 6 month or 1 Year subscription (your choice).  Once this subscription expires you can renew on our website or just do nothing if you do not need to use the tracker anymore, if then a couple of years later you have a need for the tracker again just get in touch and it can be set up again for you.

Oh, did I forget to mention, you’ll not find GPS trackers of this quality at lower prices anywhere!  If you do we’ll beat the price!



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