CCTV, Surveillance & Spy products – best sellers

Our website automatically generates an online, top 5, best seller list of our CCTV and spy products – as at 23rd April 09 the list consists of :

1. Infrared Trail Camera
(all in one unit, long life battery, weatherproof case, infrared, motion detection, stills or video footage, SD card memory)

2. 2.4GHz 7dBi High Gain Antenna
(ideal for trying to increase the wireless range between your 2.4GHz wireless camera and your 2.4GHz receiver)

3. 2.4GHz Handheld LCD Receiver Kit
(consists of 2.4GHz spy camera, handheld portable 2.4GHz receiver with built in LCD screen, SD card recording)

4. Wireless USB Spy Camera Kit
(consists of 2.4GHz spy camera, 2.4GHz USB receiver for connecting to PC or laptop, recording software etc)

5. 4G Pen Camera
(ultimate spy product, pen with built in lens and 4G recording space)

These are the current top 5 online sellers as at 23 April 09.