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CCD and CMOS are the two different types of image sensor used in our CCTV cameras and wireless cameras.

CCD is the abbreviation for “charged coupled device”.
CMOS is the abbreviation for “complementary metal oxide semiconductor”.

All sounds quite complicated but the basics when it comes to which camera you should choose are the  :

1.  Cost – CMOS chips are cheaper than CCD chips and so most CMOS cameras will be priced lower than most CCD cameras.

2.  Light Reaction – CCD cameras will work better than CMOS cameras in low light situations, CCD cameras will also react to changing light conditions much faster than CMOS cameras.

3.  Power – CMOS cameras will generally consume less power than CCD cameras.  The vast majority of CCD cameras require 12v, whereas most CMOS cameras will use 8v-9v, sometimes even as low as 5v.

4.  Image Quality – In the vast majority of cases and for the majority of situations a CCD camera will offer a better image quality and so better quality video footage than a CMOS camera.  The lowest resolution for a CCD camera will generally be 420 TV lines, whereas most CMOS cameras will have a resolution on 380 TV lines or lower.  CCD cameras can have resolutions from 420 TV lines all the way up to around 600 TV lines.

So to sum up, if your budget permits, for the majority of surveillance applications go CCD!



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