GPS Trackers – Trackserver App Information

A brief explanation of the features in the Trackserver app.  This app can be downloaded free of charge from the app store or the play store and can be used to tracker your Pakatak Ltd GPS Tracker on pretty much any mobile device.   Login to your account When launching the App, you’ll be prompted for your login details. Simply type in the field the login for your account. The login corresponds to the 6...

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trail camera with encryption

Ltl Acorn Trail Camera with Encryption

Ltl Acorn have now released (as of January 2019) a trail camera with encryption. We have been asked about this many times over the last 12 months as many local councils, that use the trail cameras for security surveillance in fly tipping and anti social behaviour hot spots, require a feature which means that if the trail camera is stolen the thief would be unable to view the images stored on the SD card. Ltl...

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ltl acorn 5210a trail camera

Portable Fly Tipping Camera for Local Councils

Our Ltl Acorn trail cameras, which are primarily manufactured for wildlife video and image capture, are now being used, as a low cost option, by local councils up and down the UK in remote locations that have fly tipping problem areas. These fly tipping cameras, as they are now becoming known, are ideal for this sort of covert surveillance.  They are completely portable and so can be moved easily from location to location whenever a...

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prime gl300 gps tracker

Covert GPS tracker for cheating spouse/partner..

Are you worried that your partner may be cheating?  Wondering if they really are at work or the gym when they say they are?  Would you like to put your mind at rest one way of the other? If you answer yes to any of the questions above then maybe a covert GPS tracker could help.  Hiring a private investigator is another option but can be very expensive.  Following your spouse or partner yourself may...

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wifi video doorbell camera

WiFi Video Doorbell Camera

If, like many people, you do not like answering the front door (especially on those cold, dark winter nights) without first knowing who is out there then maybe our video doorbell camera system would be ideal for you. I for one prefer to know who is outside without having to open the front door or peep from behind a curtain first!  The video doorbell camera system allows you to tap the app on your mobile...

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wall clock covert camera

Covert Cameras for Video Surveillance

Covert cameras are used more and more extensively these days, for many different purposes both around the home and workplace.  Take a closer look at the image of the wall clock camera above and you can just about see a tiny lens to the right of the II (12) – that’s with you looking at an image from inches away so you can see how covert these cameras can be, without intense scrutiny in a...

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Images captured by Ltl Acorn wildlife cameras

We are often sent images & videos by customers that have been recorded by our Ltl Acorn wildlife cameras, here is a selection:                                

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Ltl Acorn Wildlife Cameras – low power consumption

Ltl Acorn have been busy adding new features and improving components on their range of wildlife cameras over the last 3-6 months.  The latest being the new low power consumption in standby mode. Ltl Acorn are claiming that it will mean that one of their wildlife cameras with 12 x 2500mA AA batteries (preferably Panasonic Eneloop Pro 2500mA AA) could last up to 2 years out in the field. We have mentioned the new infrared...

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Infrared brightness adjustment for Ltl Acorn wildlife cameras

Ltl Acorn, in mid October 2017, introduced a new feature to their range of wildlife cameras.  This feature is only relevant to the trail cameras that have the larger infrared array – the 6310, 5610 and 5310 series cameras. It allows the user to adjust the strength of the infrared between 3 levels; high, medium and low. This feature will be ideal for close up applications, i.e. when the camera is situated close the the...

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Ltl Acorn Wildlife Trail Camera Repairs Procedure

The information below relates to Ltl Acorn wildife camera traps purchased from Pakatak Ltd, either directly or via Amazon.  If you purchased your trail camera from another retailer please contact them for information. In Warranty Repairs If your camera develops a fault within the first year since purchase then please contact us, via our website contact us form, with your order number, camera model number and serial number. We will arrange for you to return...

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