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Alan Keeper

Alan Keeper

Owner, Operator and Author

Alan Keeper is a Wildlife Cameras and Spy Cameras expert supplier. As owner and operator of Pakatak Ltd since 2001 he has always been interested in tech and gadgets etc and never looked back, even after 20 years.  

He started out selling little 2.4GHz wireless cameras on eBay.  People used them for general security surveillance, covert surveillance, as baby monitors and in many hobbyist applications too, such as sitting the camera on a model railway train or radio controlled car or plane.

Nowadays these types of spy cameras are much more advanced with built in WiFi which can send the signal out to your home router and allow you to view on your mobile phone via an app from wherever you might be with no need for a receiver box or anything like that. They also now record on board to a memory card and often have built in power too, so no external battery connection. So they really have come on leaps and bounds since the early Pakatak days.

We gradually extended our product range of similar wireless cameras and also branched into some CCTV products & GPS trackers too. And over all of the years I have always made sure to personally test and review each and every product in order to provide the best advice, guides and support to my customers.

Several years after the 2.4GHz wireless cameras, the trail cameras and wildlife cameras as we know them now came onto the scene. I thought they were fantastic, and still do!  Basically it was the first time a manufacture had built everything you need to record wildlife into one single weatherproof, completely portable, box. AA battery slots, built in infrared for night vision, heat sensors to trigger recording, lens, on board memory card recording, built in LCD screen for changing settings & reviewing recorded images/video – to this day I still think that wildlife cameras are brilliant and can be used for so many different applications.

When trail cameras first burst onto the scene I tested many different types, mostly unbranded, from many different manufacturers.  Several were very good but often didn’t last very long, and over time the designs have improved.

Over the years I have stocked and tested a number of brands such as Browning, Spypoint and Vosker, but my favourite has always been Ltl Acorn.  In my opinion they are such good value for money, and offer excellent choices for entry level and expert enthusiasts.

So after years of competing with an army of Chinese sellers selling directly to UK customers, I became the UK distributor for Ltl Acorn cameras and they realised my expertise and support helped to increase their brand value and sales.

Today we sell a full range of wildlife cameras, spy cameras, security cameras and GPS trackers for all sorts of purposes. We have customers across the globe and I enjoy help people wherever I can which shows in some of our many positive reviews from happy customers.

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