A CCTV System – the basics…

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A standard home or small business CCTV system will comprise of 3 main parts, the digital video recorder or DVR, the security cameras and the cabling.

The siting of your security cameras is arguably the most important aspect of your CCTV system, get this wrong or have the surveillance cameras covering the wrong areas and you won’t get the incriminating footage you need – although your security cameras will still act as a potential deterrent to crime.

It’s important to site your cameras around your building covering what you think to be the most vulnerable areas – entry doors (front door, back door, patio doors, etc), overlooking your parked car, perhaps covering any narrow walkway that leads around to the back of your property or even any ground floor windows that could be a potential break-in point.

CCTV camera height is also very important, you do not want the security cameras low enough that an intruder could simply knock them down and/or damage them easily – although hopefully in this worst case scenario you would already have video footage of the intruder providing that your DVR is hidden away well and not likely to be stolen – but also you do not want to site them too high as you will end up capturing video footage of the tops of peoples’ heads!

One you have your surveillance cameras in position you will then need to run your cables back into the DVR location.  You can use two core cable that will carry both the video and power (in and out) and so save having 2 cables running from each camera.

As mentioned earlier, site the DVR somewhere safe and somewhere that is very unlikely to be visited by any intruder – in the loft/attic is often a place that a burglar would be unlikely to visit, especially if there is the hassle of bringing down the loft ladder or finding a ladder to use to gain entry.

Once you have your system up and running and are happy with the locations of each security camera and your digital video recorder, it’s always a good idea to check the system is functioning well at least once a fortnight/month.  Check everything is recording as it should be and that all security camera images are coming through, you can also use this check to ensure that none of your security cameras have been adversely affected by bad weather, i.e. no misting or moisture.

Every now and again give your surveillance cameras a clean – the front glass is sufficient, just to wipe away any build up of dirt & dust or rain water marks.

Alongside an alarm system, good door & window locks and vigilance, a CCTV system can help add to the overall security of your home, whilst also adding a massive deterrent to crime.



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