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Price reduction for our micro dvr camera / chewing gum camera

We’ve just reduced the price on our Micro DVR Camera – affectionately known as the chewing gum camera due to it’s tiny size. VGA quality video footage with excellent audio too and this mini covert camera also takes good quality stills – you can even set it to audio only mode if you want to use it as a voice recorder, great for meetings, interviews etc We even supply it with a free 2G micro...

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New mini spy camera in the pipeline

We hope to have a new spy camera to add to our range of surveillance products over the next few weeks. It’s basically a very small camera with a built in rechargeable battery, so completely wireless.  However, it has 3 unique selling points over and above the average 2.4GHz wireless cameras. Firstly it doesn’t actually send a wireless 2.4GHz signal and so is not open to the usual potential wireless 2.4GHz issues such as range...

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Our mini dvr camera, chewing gum camera just got even better!

Our new shipment of this mini camera dvr will be even higher resolution, now coming in at VGA quality – 640×480.  The mini camera will also allow you to capture video stills aswell as video footage. The micro DVR camera still comes with a 2G micro SD card supplied and is ideal for covert surveillance and body worn surveillance. The size of this mini camera is a massive plus in that it’s only the size...

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Mini cameras and mini spy cameras

The demand for mini cameras, mini spy cameras and mini covert cameras just grows and grows. We are currently looking to bring in a 25mm x 25mm high resolution mini camera.  This tiny camera will use a CCD sensor and offer an extremely high resolution of 540TVL. It’s a hard wired mini camera with a pinhole lens and the dimensions mean that it will be ideal for covert surveillance applications.

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Hidden spy camera systems

We are working at building our range of hidden camera systems all the time and have recently added a couple of new spy camera systems to our online spy shop. In the past if you have wanted a completely hidden camera system you have had to use a 2.4GHz wireless camera built into an every day object, the wireless cameras would then transmit a video signal back to a 2.4GHz receiver.  The receiver would then...

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