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Our taxi CCTV system jumps into top sellers list

Our new taxi CCTV system has leapt into 4th spot in our top 5 online sellers list.  This taxi camera system is creating much interest from taxi drivers wanting a bit of extra security in the vehicles. The taxi surveillance system includes 2 security cameras (1 internal infrared for passenger monitoring, and 1 forward facing security camera that monitors the road ahead), it’s self installed in seconds, automatically records when the car slows down, speeds...

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In car camera system – stock arriving within 2 days

Stock of our in car surveillance system / in car DVR system will be with us in 2 days.  This superb in car camera product has sold so fast that we have numerous back orders – so thank you for your patience! Used extensively as a cctv system for taxis aswell as in police vehicles and driving instructor cars.

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In car surveillance system / car dvr new shipment on way

Our latest shipment of the new in car surveillance system should be with us in 4-5 working days. This mobile car DVR product has two cameras (one internal view and one front windscreen road ahead view) , recording to SD card and gps tracking all built in – simple to setup and can be installed in a matter of seconds.  All powered directly from the vehicles’ cigarette lighter socket. Full product information and demo here....

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In car surveillance, taxi camera

Our new in car surveillance system is not only generating a lot of interest as a taxi camera or as a cctv system for a taxi but is also picking up interest from driving instructors aswell. This in car camera system has so many uses, including capturing your high speed race day footage and for inside police vehicles. As a police vehicle cctv system, you can not only monitor the road ahead, speed and location...

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New in car surveillance system demo ready

The product demonstration for our new in car surveillance system is available – you can view here at youtube or here via the product webpage. We think this in car cctv system is superb but would appreciate your comments and feedback.  Thank you.

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Taxi cameras & taxi CCTV the way forward in Yorkshire

CCTV cameras have been installed in 10 cabs in East Yorkshire.  The in taxi cameras are designed to reduce the fear for cabbies when picking up late night fares. The number of attacks on taxi drivers aswell as the number of people not paying is on the increase and these in car camera systems will be piloted for 6 months in a bid to reduce these alarming figures. East Riding of Yorkshire Council have said...

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New in car surveillance system just released

We have just completed testing of this new in car surveillance system, taxi camera system and are extremely pleased with the product. It has everything you’d need from an in car CCTV system and is supplied as a ready to go item – very easy to setup and use immediately. The 2 built in cameras offer both internal and external views and so allows you to capture footage from both inside the vehicle aswell as...

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