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Taxi CCTV cameras to reduce violence

A retired taxi driver from Jersey, who was left paralysed after being attacked in his cab, has called for car CCTV cameras to help reduce violence. Mr De La Haye has said that taxi CCTV is the only measure left to help curb violence and antisocial behaviour in cabs.  The Taxi Drivers Association for Jersey have said that several of their drivers are now looking to put CCTV cameras into their cars and the association...

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Leicester plans CCTV cameras for taxis

After approval by the city council many taxis in Leicester will be fitted with surveillance and CCTV cameras. Full story here. The in taxi cctv systems are designed to prevent attacks and crime against the drivers but will also help to act as evidence if a crime does take place in or around the taxi. The in car cctv systems will also give reasurance to the passengers. At between £750 and £985 a go the...

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Taxi camera system, in car cctv system new stock in

New stock of our 2 camera in taxi cctv system with built in GPS receiver and event recording is on it’s way. Our initial shipment of this in car cctv system flew off the shelves and so we are now re-stocking as we only have a few units left.  New stock due in the next few days. The feedback we are receiving is excellent with many cabbie spointing out the ease of install as a...

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In car surveillance system to appeal against speeding fines

Several of our customers have recently used our in car surveillance system or driving surveillance system to appeal against speeding fines! The kit includes a GPS receiver and so will tell you your location and speed at any particular point in your journey.  So if you are flashed by a speed camera and receive a fine int he post weeks later you can check the footage and see whether the given vehicle  speed captured via...

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In car surveillance system / car dvr new shipment on way

Our latest shipment of the new in car surveillance system should be with us in 4-5 working days. This mobile car DVR product has two cameras (one internal view and one front windscreen road ahead view) , recording to SD card and gps tracking all built in – simple to setup and can be installed in a matter of seconds.  All powered directly from the vehicles’ cigarette lighter socket. Full product information and demo here....

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New in car surveillance system demo ready

The product demonstration for our new in car surveillance system is available – you can view here at youtube or here via the product webpage. We think this in car cctv system is superb but would appreciate your comments and feedback.  Thank you.

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Taxi cameras & taxi CCTV the way forward in Yorkshire

CCTV cameras have been installed in 10 cabs in East Yorkshire.  The in taxi cameras are designed to reduce the fear for cabbies when picking up late night fares. The number of attacks on taxi drivers aswell as the number of people not paying is on the increase and these in car camera systems will be piloted for 6 months in a bid to reduce these alarming figures. East Riding of Yorkshire Council have said...

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