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Mini GSM audio bug new shipment arrived

Our new shipment of our mini gsm audio bug has arrived so all back orders of this gsm covert listening device have been despatched today. The good news is our mini audio bug is now even smaller and has been fitted with an extra microphone for even better audio quality! This tiny, covert audio but couldn’t be easier to use.  Simply insert a SIM card and phone the number.  Your call will connect silently and...

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GSM listening devices & audio bugs reduced prices

We have just reduced prices across the board for our range of gsm listening devices and audio bugs.  Including our plug adaptor bug and mains wall socket gsm bug. Thanks to reduced prices from our manufacturer we have been able to immediately passs these discounts on to our customers for these covert listening devices.

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4 Socket UK Extension Audio Bug

Another new GSM audio bug released for sale!  It’s another covert listening device, this time the audio bug is in the form of a UK 4 socket extension. A SIM card is pre-fitted and so the covert audio bug is ready for use right away – all you have to do is call the number and listen! This type of listening device is always ideal for covert audio surveillance sipmly because a 4 way socket...

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GSM Plug Adaptor Audio Bug

We have just recently added two new listening devices to our online store and the GSM Audio Bug is the first. This excellent new product is basically a two plug socket adaptor, most households and offices will be using several of these at any one time and so they are extremely covert and inconspicuous.   The plug adaptor holds a GSM SIM card (provided) and also houses a small microphone which allows the user to call...

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