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New features for 2.4GHz wireless night vision camera

Our wireless 2.4GHz, CCD,  infrared night vision camera has been improved with 2 new features. 3 new features if you include the revamped bullet style shape of this weatherproof, wireless camera.  The 2.4GHz wirefree camera still comes with a bracket, mount and a visor but it now has a channel selector switch. The channel selector switch means that you have more chance of being able to avoid interference problems on the busy 2.4GHz frequency –...

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The highest resolution 2.4GHz wireless camera?

480TVL is the highest resolution for a 2.4GHz wireless camera that we have come across.  This wireless bullet camera has a built in rechargeable battery. We would be interested to know if anyone out there has seen a higher resolution 2.4GHz wireless camera than this mini, bullet, spy camera. The built in rechargeable battery means that this wireless camera can be used “completely wirelessly” for a few hours, without even needing connection to an external...

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Wireless spy cameras – notes & info

Wireless cameras are often used as spy cameras as, very often, they are small and you have no need to run a video cable linking to your digital video recorder or other recording device. So the wireless camera itself will be fitted with a 2.4GHz 10mW transmitter.  This transmitter will send a wireless signal through the air, in turn this wireless signal will be picked up by the 2.4GHz receiver (some 2.4GHz receivers also have...

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2.4GHz wireless camera kit with LCD receiver – product review

Independent product review for our 2.4GHz pinhole camera kit with LCD receiver / recorder. The review was written by Dan Harrison and published here on Spy Review.

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