Ltl Acorn 6511 Wildlife Camera
Ltl Acorn 6511 Wildlife CameraLtl Acorn 6511 Wildlife CameraLtl Acorn 6511 Wildlife CameraLtl Acorn 6511 Wildlife Camera

Ltl Acorn 6511WMC Wildlife Camera Trap

Ltl Acorn


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Product Description

1080P HD Video Recording

The 6511WMC wildlife trail camera trap from Ltl Acorn can, and is, also used in dozens of security surveillance applications too.

The standard lens version “MC” offers an angle of view of approximately 50 degrees but there is also a wide angle version “WMC” offering double that at around 100 degrees.

The 6511 can record video at HD quality of 1080P or take 12MP photos (interpolated from 5MP).

Footage or photos can be time/date stamped and the 6511 cameras also have the usual Time Lapse feature should you want/need it.

The 44 led infrared array offers a strong beam for night vision recording and it’s the 940nm frequency, this means that it’s invisible to the human eye.

The 6511WMC can hold up to 12 AA batteries (although it can run off just 4) and battery choice is vital to the performance of the camera. For testing and field work we use the Vapex Instant 2500mA Rechargeable AA batteries with the LSD (Low Self Discharge) technology, these batteries are good value for money and work very well with the whole range of Ltl Acorn wildlife camera traps.

Also the 6511 series from Ltl Acorn can hold two of the 18650 polymer litium batteries, we have not yet used these but apparently they can allow the camera to run for even longer than using AAs.

As with all of the Ltl Acorn trail cameras you will require an SD card, the 6511WMC can take a maximum of 32G.

All of the usual Ltl Acorn features are there: time lapse, time & date stamp, password protection, adjustable video recording times, playback zoom etc.

If you intend to use the Timers on the Ltl Acorn cameras, for instance if you want the camera to record only between certain times of day or night then we strongly recommend that you use either the 5210, 5610 or 5310 series cameras as these have much more accurate Timers.

Also available is the 6511MG and 6511WMG, these are the cellular versions of the Ltl Acorn 6511 series and allow you to set the camera to send an image to your mobile phone or email when triggered.

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