Ltl Acorn 5310/5610 Wildlife Camera

Ltl Acorn 5610A/5610WA Wildlife Camera Trap

Ltl Acorn
  • 1080P HD Video
  • Audio Recording
  • 44 Led Infrared Array (940nm – no glow)
  • Capacity for 12AA Batteries
  • GPS Input Feature

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Product Description

The 5610 series from Ltl Acorn not only offer the ability to record superb HD video at 1080P (15ps) or 720P (30fps) but also record crystal clear audio.

The 5610 Ltl Acorn series uses the large 44 led infrared array for powerful night vision.

It’s available with the standard lens (5610A) or the wide angle lens (5610WA) version. The standard lens offers a 55 degree angle of view and the wide angle offers 100 degrees.

Other usual Ltl Acorn camera features such as the ability to set Timers (if you want the camera to only trigger and record at certain times of day/night), Time lapse (which can be used to set the camera to only take a photo or record a video at certain intervals, i.e. one photo every 60 minutes for instance), Time/Date stamped footage, SD card recycling etc etc.

An additional feature of the 5610 series Ltl Acorn cameras is that you can input GPS co-ordinates for the camera. These co- ordinates will show in recorded photos/videos properties, so when you are reviewing the recordings later you will know exactly where the camera was located – often useful for wildlife field research.

The Ltl Acorn 5610A & 5610WA can utilise up to a 32G SD Card and can hold a maximum of 12 AA batteries, although it can run of just 4.

Battery choice is vital for the performance the Ltl Acorn wildlife trail cameras and we do not recommend using any batteries with a mA rating of less than 2500mA. We use the Vapex Instant Rechargeables with the Low Self Discharge technology, they are 2500mA and work very well with the Ltl Acorn cameras – they are extremely cost effective too!

Apart from the camera, what else do I need?

You will need at least 4 batteries, make sure you use batteries with a mA output of at least 2500mA.  Avoid Duracell.

You will also need an SD card, the 5610 cameras can take up to 32G max.  Ltl Acorn cameras do not work without an SD card inserted.

That’s it!


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