Ltl Acorn camera, on/off/test switch not working correctly

Over time electronic switch contacts can become dirty and so not operate correctly, in 95% of cases some switch cleaner can be applied and this will clean the contacts and fix the problem.  With regards to a Ltl Acorn camera, this could exhibit symptoms such as the camera operating as if it is in ON mode when in fact the switch is set to TEST mode, LCD screen not coming on in TEST mode, or perhaps the camera not working at all.

We use Servisol Electronic Switch Cleaner (available on Amazon UK).

A small amount of the switch cleaner should be applied to the TEST/ON/OFF switch, then move the switch slowly between each different setting about 20 times to allow the cleaning fluid to find it’s way to all parts of the switch. Leave the camera standing upside down, so that the switch is pointing upwards, for about 8 hours or overnight is ideal.

The above should be carried out without any batteries or SD card inside the camera.

After around 8 hours have passed, try the camera again.  Make sure you are using fully charged batteries (must be at least 2500mA) and a fresh SD card.